I am sick of being punished for doing my job

I main zealot. I tend to play on malice. I feel like I am constantly punished for doing my job, which to my understanding, is managing melee combatants, and prioritizing targets in the group of a horde so that I can help my teammates, only to be either picked on by a mutie, shot by a perfect sniper in a CROWD, or the worst, being caught by a trapper I don’t see and don’t have time to deal with before I’m lost in a crowd, waiting for my team to clear it to save me while I watch my health go down.

I was trapped three times in one match, with no way to prevent it, just doing my regular job, not even throwing myself at the crowd. What is this ability for if it’s not to go in on a high priority target and push my way out? How is a dog able to get through a giant crowd to target me and punish me for doing what my class seems to be meant to do?

I am absolutely sick of this constant targeting for doing mob clear and target prioritization to protect my team. I just quit out of a match after being thrown across a map by a mutie while I was busy handling a mob. F off.

Having a bunch of technical issues is one thing, but this game’s basic gameplay is unfinished. You should have pushed back the release. We would have been here.


Fix this first. The trapper has a sound cue, voice lines and a timing to dodge.

You don’t get better by quitting.

What gun are you running? What melee weapon are you running?

Your JOB is to survive. Kite to your team, not into the horde. If you pull all the aggro and get yourself stuck, unable to dodge a trapper that’s YOUR fault.

You cannot count on your team, especially on lower difficulties. Try to engage last during a fight. It sounds like you are diving in first and either running to far ahead or dodging AWAY from you team, both are bad.


@gastroprobz I think this has more to do with listening for audio queues and positioning rather than your role.

Every special in the game has an audio queue, and will let you know when they’re about to attack. If you time your dodges, you can usually get out of the way.

Failing that, if you are positioned close to your teammates, someone can get you up quickly before it becomes consequential.

This becomes more and more important when you get into Heresy and Damnation missions.

Also, zealots take less damage when dodging/sprinting/sliding, so the more of that you do, the better.

I hope this helps!


I feel you but to be fair everyone feels this at some point. As a Vet I have had entire groups of specials run past my party to get at me even with camo cloak on. targeting on this game is weird but as you play you get better at dodging blocking and countering even in hordes.


I’ve played too much of every class and to be fair, specials surprising you mid melee is pretty much a standard of Zealot play. Not always having time to react due to close combat is Zealots main weakness. If it weren’t for surprise disablers, my Zealot would be a non-stop wrecking ball of death.

A lot of this is skill issue tbh but Zealot does have some problems. The first issue is that useless 5 seconds of invul. If it were changed to help your issue of being blindsided by a disabler to allow you to instantly escape on that same timer, it’d be 10x better than what it is now. Sometimes there isn’t a chance to avoid a disablers but if you’re having those issues on Malice Idk what to tell you. Get some better gear probably. I find Zealot the least interesting class to play and the lack of builds feels particularly harsh on them than other classes which to me is the biggest issue.

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That’s definitely not a problem of the basic gameplay being unfinished…


Like the others say, listen for the ques.

But what I see no one else mentioning is the old Vermintide mantra: always tag.

Tag, tag, tag.

When you’re engaged with the horde, you should be tapping tag all the time to find out what’s hiding behind the first row of enemies.
Often you’ll spot the trapper running at you by tagging.

Tagging should always be done even out of combat whatever the situation, to find out what tagable enemies are lurking in the dark!



I dont understand…why u need to clear melee combatants? I play zealot for a bit on malice (my main is psyker, damnation only) and find that zealot WAY easier to play.

Now what i mean - u can kill EVERYTHING.

Horde - flamer
Mutant - press spacebar to avoid him when he lift up left hand - cut it in half with melee
Trapper - press spacebar to avoid net when u hear “netsound” - cut it in half with melee
Flamers - cut it in half with melee
Gunners - use u ability, cut it in half with melee
Bastion - wait for him to deal punch - cut it in half with melee
Dog - use flamer, or dodge it and…cut it in half with melee
Sniper - ok, thats the problem. Throw a grenade, or go to him (dodge when u hear “sound” and see his flashlight) and cut it in half with melee (sniper is top priority target, but if u have psyker or veteran - please ask to kill sniper).

And all this actions can be performed with horde on your back. Zealot literally is killing machine.

P.S. i prefer to clear ranged enemies first.

you might have just pushed too far on the difficulty as others have said there are plenty of sound ques and warnings with trapper, the sniper is rough for sure but totally avoidable. the dogs movement is pretty jank and could do with some work!

Although its not vermitide and you shouldnt be dodging all the time , you should always be thinking about be able to dodge , we all fall victim to trapper from time to time. for me mostly i dodge into a wall and dont evade the net . the sniper is going to need a fast dodge, do you use the “dodge in place” option? it lets you dodge when your not moving i find it very helpful. and practice chaining dodges into slides with crouch.

sure a Zealot is a melee specialist, but you dont need to be everywhere always, everyone is very capable in melee combat. are you just over extending thinking your job is bigger than it is?

…u w0t. 5 seconds of invulnerability that saves you from any hit isn’t useless by any means. Especially with holy revenant to heal up after. What am I even reading?

Anyway, back to the OP:

…Dodging? Like… that’s it. That’s literally all there is. Or shoot her in the face. Or kill her first. Or land a heavy attack.

I try to avoid just saying a variant of “Get good” ever because it’s pretty useless advice but… those scenarios are almost always avoidable. (Except for the occasional lag sniper, they can screw off; or a pox hound that decides to warp through space time onto you)

If you’re truly struggling with specials run a high stumble gun with quick swap speed like the combat shotgun or revolver and backhand them in return first. This is even easier to do on malice.

. I feel like I am constantly punished for doing my job, which to my understanding, is managing melee combatants, and prioritizing targets in the group of a horde

This is highly dependent on your team, your setup, and simply the current scenario. I typically make it my mission to force as many ranged into melee as possible, generally catching them before they can scatter. If I wasn’t running an atrox axe/knife and toughness damage reduction I’d probably tend to prioritize the horde more frequently.

Specialists Disablers are designed to spice things up by putting pressure on you and your team, preferably when you are busy with something else.

How to deal with it :

  • Tag them so you and your team know where they are and if they are attacking
  • Prioritize killing them first (specialist disablers + sniper > other specialists > ranged elites > melee elites)
  • Listen and learn their audio cue to help you dodge at the right time (trappers, sniper)
  • Observe and learn their visual cue to help you dodge at the right time (all)
  • Learn and practice dodge timings
  • Look out for each other (you need to help those who get pinned by a disabler instantly)

The only punishing thing I find when play zealot in malice is Poxburster.
You should try heresy or damn in high-intensity… literally no place for zealot doing melee.

The only thing I find punishing is how unreliable dodges are despite seeing all the cues.

That’s likely server side/netcode issues that will never be fixed :+1:

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I almost exclusively melee in damnation as zealot, no idea what you’re talking about.

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Normally don’t say this but…

Skill issue.

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