Fix your broken azz game

Nerf trapper shooting from crowd asap!!!
Fix grenadier dropping grenades with pin point accuracy from other side of a map!!!
Fix dogs ignoring full blast from automatic weapons !!! Fix dog that can interrupt ogryn charging !!!
Nerf that flame throwing bastards, area and range, its just plain dumb!!!
Last patch just broke game to such badl i am close to uninstall. I like challenge but not broken game .
Game is in crap condition

Mario says no

@Mad1 What you wrote has a lot of truth in it but how you wrote it wasn’t nice nor constructive. :sweat_smile:

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Dude’s living up to his username

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Fixed. Fix game, use your common sense dammit

Don’t be such a wuss. They’re meant to be threatening. Trappers that couldn’t shoot through enemies would be the saddest thing imaginable. You would be less defending yourself and more putting the poor guy out of their misery.

Then uninstall. Seriously, if you arent happy with your purchase then stop wasting time and energy on it

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This ^

Im not in entire agremeant. THere does need things to be fixed. Pox hounds should be able to be pushed off by players once engaged them. Charging mutants aught to be able to be stopped with weapon hits and ability hits at least briefly. Pox should not be a death sentance. There should be a way for tracking lines to party members once your character realizes their are lost from the party. This should be accommodating by a limited use item that requires some resource from the shrine that we already have or a combination of them all. The direction pointers now typically lead us into walls and make it even harder to find our party. Also constant respawing of enemies once killed is a bit much. It gets obscenely stupid for whole herders to magically reappear after they have been removed to begin with. Im trying to reloacte my party and suddenly thousands appear out of no where or a insta kill pox hound. Also players should be able to pull themselves up, not die from falling. Players should have the ability to have torches in their gear as opposed to weapons. It should be costly to insatl them of course. This game is far from balanced and needs more work there. it should not be so utterly difficult to reloacte ones lost party. Passages need to be clearer and easier to spot. Getting killed because one is lost becauses of a confusing map is a bit much.

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