I'm done with this


I have roughly 500 hours in this game so it would be stupid to say that i didn’t get my moneys worth. I’ll say that about 300 hours were enjoyable and the rest 200 is the amount of bugs i’ve encountered in hours.

I did something fun the last 20 hours and that was counting how many times i died due to bugs and glitches and i got around 15 out of 16 times was due to bugs.

Many were Poxhounds changing their arch mid-leap. The fact that i have to revert to cheese mechanics like standing behind a wall when there are no other enemies nearby besides a single poxhound instead of just dodge and push it all the time SUCKS. I never did this in Vermintide and the assassins had like 2 times the speed during a leap. And before you give me the “this ain’t vermintide” let me just add that a leaping enemy should simply not change their arch mid-leap.

Extremely many were the server sided with the server neglecting a dodge (teleporting you back), hit reg neglecting (always happens on moving enemies), and of course slideshow during hordes at times. Also let me add that i can’t believe this hasn’t been discussed yet at all.

One time was me getting hit by a mutant in the middle of the horde but that was my own mistake.

Two times were due to me getting stuck on certain objects when i dodged.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes the ranged enemies simply goes automatic on you instead of shooting in bursts. Happened with 1 single ranged enemy, a common scab whom shot about 5 bursts in 1 second taking out my toughness and half my health as Psyker (when i was within 5 meters let me add). So i hit it in the head with my Deimos which of course was a ghost hit aswell (surprise surprise).
Which brings me to an issue that “has been fixed” ergo ranged enemies shooting at you point blank.

I should say that my ping is pretty much always 95-100 and i’ve tested this during the slideshow events in the game aswell.

I’ll read the patch notes for the next patch and if no issues like these mentioned above is addressed (which they most likely won’t be) i’ll probably just uninstall and move on.

I’m done, maybe you’ll realize that you could’ve been so much more with this game and instead you had an amazing IP and just put a bunch of poop on top of it and served it along with your respect.

It took you 20 hours to count to 16?

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Yeah, that’s the amount of deaths i had in 20 hours. I played the game normally and died 16 times over about 20 hours :slight_smile:

thats a lot of deaths, imagine putting in 500 hours and not improving.

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