Frustrating AI, specials and hordes

For starters, the Specials. You cannot dodge or block them. You are simply fcked. I’ve had too many rounds get fcked over because i’m swamped by ai, then a pox hound leaps over everything and nails me. I dodge, fck you. I try to time an attack, fck you. It’s the most frustrating thing where you can’t even struggle free or what have you. You can only hope someone alt-f4’s so that a bot takes their place and they return quickly.


There are numerous penances that are boarderline impossible unless you cheat. The veteren, don’t get hit by melee? Well, that would be a lot easier if the ai wasn’t unpredictable. I throw a grenade and half the horde disappears from where i’m shooting to show up behind me because of agro. The AI won’t fight the closest player, hell no. Hell, i’m certain i have it recorded where i charge into the middle of at least 50 ai, to have half disappear once the granade goes off, then behind a teamate they all appear. How can I get 50 killed in 10 seconds if they all vanish into thin air. It is LITERALLY thin air. If someone is pulling agro, they should run toward them, not get to open rifts into the warp and drop behind us. It’s probably too late or even impossible to even fix that at this point so we’ll just have to deal with it that it’s a bug that is really a feature that makes the game more hardcore.

While the servers are extremely screwy at times (Especially in regards to hounds), you very much can dodge/knock them down. This applies to pretty much everything. Only mob that’s extremely frustrating to me is the poxburster as you’re supposed to be able to shove it out of its suicide charge but it only seems to work a small portion of the time.

This is probably just your graphics settings. IIRC it’s set to 15 ragdolls/corpses by default on low settings. You’re probably just killing more than that number so they appear to poof. It’s rather jarring but it’s not them teleporting. You’re likely just missing the fact that another wave of the horde spawned behind you. Check your back.

There’s definitely annoying ninja spawns on occasion, but in my experience that’s usually 1 or 2 between hordes, not an entire horde wave.

As to penances on the whole: Yes, everybody hates them.

i7, 3090, 64gb of ddr4 ram and sd hdds. Everything is on ultra. They are disappearing and if they aren’t its curious how it seems to be the exact number that vanishes rather than a fresh horde. I have NEVER seen someone dodge or knock them back successfully and after the years on Vermintide, I certainly try by reflex. Hell, i have 84 hours into this beta. There is something very janky with the Ai. Maybe it will get fixed, it probably won’t. Vermintide had its fair share of things that remained as a whole. It is what it is.

I was referencing you saying you’ve never seen anybody dodge specials/dogs in 84 hours.

That’s extremely unlikely to say the least.

EDIT: Dug through some old random clips.

Bad dog 1.0

Bad dog 2.0

You can now say you’ve seen dogs be avoided.

servers are just making this much more frustrating than it should be right now but hopefully that will get fixed soon.

today I dodged a hound. it flew past me, then teleported back ontop of me. gotta love that

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well i’m glad you two get to see unicorns