I'm tired of this absolute garbage

from worst to annoying:

  • getting cc’d (from random trash mob attacks, i think even bullets can cc not sure) when toughness depletes and being unable to dodge, then regening toughness and getting chain cc’d to death
  • push randomly not working (checked my hardware its fine)
  • switch weapon randomly not working (maybe cuz it won’t force switch when aiming)
  • being unable to melee chaos spawn cuz it knocks back everything in a 360 degree radius
  • dogs not pausing when leaping. either they should always pause or never pause
  • trapper and dog cc being infinite

Could be network issues compounding other issues. Especially with the inconsistency I’d be suspect.

I assume by the last one you’re just talking about the game design?

Also… brace yourself for “skill issue” (I am not commenting on that).


This does sound like some lag to me.

Hey I just played a game and there’s definitely some performance issues around that resulted in some of the above. I believe I saw a CM mention that there are known issues causing lag.

Dropped inputs due to stuttering would account for push/switch inconsistency at least. The audio glitches are the most noticeable for sure. Haven’t gone back through the replay to confirm, but if/when I do I’ll see if I can illustrate!

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Is probably because of lag, but i have to say that pushback from shotgunners and reapers feel a lot more powerfull, being unable to hit chaos spawns while they do the large combo on you has allways happened to me, but that is more likely due to my bad ping (75 on BR servers and 150 on US servers).

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I noticed same issue with the chaos spawn pushing too. When it is attacking a teammate with the overhead animation I get pushed back and I’m behind it. The other monstrosities do this as well sometimes. When they attack me and I dodge I cannot get close because the invisible force acts like a barrier.

GOD yes. This has to be a bug. If they’re running directly at you, then they don’t wind up for a pounce, leaving you very little time to react, and honestly it just feels random and unfair. Plus the other dog jank like phasing through walls and doing 360 dogscopes.

There’s a good reason for that, namely forcing you to learn to dodge and time your pushes and attacks. Some classes also have ways to mitigate this with talents.

Mobs have a certain threshold for being staggered and also can’t be permastaggered by pushs spamming. It also depends on the amont of stamina you have. Empty stamina pushes are too weak.

This CAN be a server issue. Sometimes you have to press it twice for it to register, other times it will switch with a delay.

Several attacks of bosses have a slight aoe push effect. The point is to dodge backwards and then engage inbetween the attack timings.

I like this. Dogs are already far too easy to dodge and stagger. Especially since they made it easier. A single dog poses 0 challenge since that nerf.

Skill issue.


Imo it’s a good change from all perspectives - dog is easy to push/stagger and it can’t land on you from above like gutter runner in V2 does, it was very trivial enemy before, and it also makes sense, why would a dog stops before jump?


The biggest problem is…

If I can’t shoot through other players (on the same team) then dogs and trappers etc should be able to jump or shoot through members of the same team.

  1. Getting staggered by melee attacks, and certain ranged attacks is a thing, also on toughness break. Game mechanic.
  2. A known bug
  3. A known bug
  4. Game mechanic
  5. A known bug afaik.
  6. Game mechanic

Summary: the game can be intense, and not always work as it should. Take a breath, touch some grass, report bugs and politely explain to your neighbours why you dislike fat sharks. Mine were quite understanding.

Welcome to Tide games.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
Dog will always insta pounce from max range (which seems to be a fixed value) and if running.
So your cue for dodge is supposed to be distance between you and running dog (can be sound as well, but unreliable).
In all other cases it will be delayed pounce, which you can easily bait by putting any obstruction between you and dog.


They do the instant pounce when approaching at full speed and going up some elevation, such as stairs. This can result in some weird behaviour, as they often do not have a line of sight at your character. That doesn’t seem to be intended.

can’t edit so this is an addition and probably goes to 2nd place: chat randomly breaking preventing me from sending messages and enter not working so i can’t send the message i was typing. this just got me killed

hows that poop sandwich taste?

on the first one i know its intended and i also know its one of the worst game mechanics i’ve ever had to deal with in a game

its not a bug. i’d rather they just never pause so you know what to expect, instead of having to drop everything you’re doing cuz you don’t know what da dog doin. it would be fine if every elite behaved erratically, but since its only the dog its easy to forget its unpredictable since every other elite is predictable

I accept your concession.

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