How's about a "Persistent Bodies" graphics setting?

And what I mean by that is a slider (similar to that of the Blood Decals Amount slider) that allows you to choose the amount of corpses on the screen at any given time.

Part of the main appeal of Vermintide and perhaps the entirety of the Warhammer Fantasy universe (for me at least) is the over the top grimdarkness and brutality (though not to the extent of WH40K) shown on the fields of battle.

On the one hand, introducing an option that allows for more corpses to stay on the field for longer provides a glorious scene of carnage that does the Warhammer universe justice. Having your ragtag group of heroes slowly accumulate a growing pile of corpses underneath them really shows what it’s all about.

On the other hand, the folks that don’t have the best of computers and can’t have the graphics very high up there can turn down the body count to (hopefully) allow for some smoother performance.

Everyone benefits, do they not?

This won’t change the amount of enemies in the game (obviously), it’ll just change how many enemies stay on the ground after they’ve been killed, as well as how long they stay on said ground before disappearing.

Thoughts on this, if any?


I agree and while where talking about looks:
I have my game on max settings but on into the nest these Skaven scaffoldings change quality only about 6m away from you and they look completely different. Does anybody else notice this?

Nah, I tend to focus on the screaming ratmen and smelly Vikings more than some select pieces of scaffolding, but I’ll take your word for it.

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Yea, I’ve noticed the loading as well.

As for bodies, pretty sure there’s a mod awaiting approval for more bodies.

I feel a big opportunity was missed with the title of this post, it should have been called “ Let the Body’s hit the FLOOOOOOOOORR!”


Fostering a modding community and encouraging the playerbase to make their own additions to the game is always a good thing, but I feel like this should be an option already in the game by default.

Oh they do hit the floor alright, but some otherwordly Warp magicks retcons them out of existence every few seconds.

It’d be more appropriate to call the thread “Let the bodies stay on the floor”.

In case somebody didn’t get it, @TheLiquor was referring to this :smiley:

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Do dead Armoured units block cleaves/staggers? I know the CW still gets clanked about but not sure if it blocks a swinging 2h hammer.

As for more bodies, I think it would depend upon the netcode. I’d be a bit fed-up if someone had their bodies set to max setting and it was slowing things down. Also, bodies tend to block the action and if I get thumped by an overhead because of the bodies piled up it’ll immediately get disabled.

As an option for individuals to enable if their PC can handle it and doesn’t affect others, then I’m not bothered but this very sentence describes a sanctioned mod.

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I think you mean “ let the body’s stay on the FLOOOOOOOORR!”

I intended for it to be something purely visual that only affects the individual based on their own settings.

If dead armoured units are the problem, either remove the fact that they can block attacks (because honestly, why is this a thing anyway?) or only have the option affect small units like Skavenslaves, Clanrats, Cultists, and Marauders, while leaving out the bigger targets like Stormvermin or Chaos Warriors.

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I’m curious about this as well. Cause I know when I’m going ham with slayer dual hammers, the mobs on the floor get tossed all around.

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If only one can handle these massive mass of blood decals and body pieces

I don’t see why not, if your PC can handle it.

A lot of the general terrain/ambient details seem to have their LOD set way too close. Things will pop into blur 5-10 feet away from the player on some maps.

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If ever implemented, we shan’t show joy in whatever display of slaughter it dost bring forth, lest the Dark Gods grow in strength from it. Sigmar protects.

As a 2h hammer IB main, I can confirm that CW no longer stop the charged hammer swings when dead. You can bash a small mound of them around until you are content with your life choices.

Monster do stop it though, including packrats. It may have been a glitch but last time I started batting the corpse of a packrat, the hammer’s cleave would be stopped. Corpses of all other monsters consistently stop the cleave.

Oddly enough, the hammer cleave isn’t stopped by a packrat while it is alive, but does when it is dead. May be worth some proper sciencing later but those are my observations while playing.


An LOD slider would be nice as well to go along with it, but I wouldn’t mind if the corpses only come into view when you’re close to them.

Weird thing is, for the objects loading, on low settings this doesn’t seem to be an issue. But even in the keep on high settings, you can notice it.

I’m pretty certain this suggestion isn’t possible for a number of reasons. I could break down a complex list of reasons, but it will come down to a serious couple:

  1. The graphical requirements on the player end would be enormous, more enormous than you probably think. This affects not just existing objects, but physics and GPU post-processing effects on those objects, in real-time.

  2. This requires base-code that probably doesn’t exist in the game, and will directly conflict with existing game code.

  3. Enemies’ bodies are not stored in game memory. That will require a game overhaul.

  4. We already know the game base code reuses enemy assets when they are spawned and despawned. New code will require a total overhaul of how enemies are spawned, created, and reusued.

  5. More enemies in both memory storage, holding spawn, and current spawn means massive increases in game computing overhead compared to current. Unsure if people remember how laggy hordes were before the code updates, but what you’re suggesting means a return to form and then some.


I didn’t expect it to be that complicated to leave a couple more corpses around.

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