PS4 Dead bodies despawns too quick

Issue Summary:

I play on Playstation 4 Pro.
When I or my team kill more than 5 enemies the first dead body will despawn.
When we all start killing alot of enemies sometimes my killed enemy will dissapear on hit.
This ruins the game for me.

Enemies shouldn’t be disappearing on hit, but right now we have a pool of 5 corpses that will remain on consoles. On PC, we have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 24.

This is an optimisation requirement to relieve the CPU of some stress.

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I believe the enemies disappear on hit because my team already killed 5 other enemies right after my kill. I understand that the performance will get worse when the body count is increased but just balance out the performance and increase the body count because 5 bodies is just silly for a game where it’s all about killing alot of enemies.
Maybe we can get a option to prefer graphics or performance like some games have. Is this game Playstation PRO compatible or does it run the same like an native Playstation, if so maybe there are some possibilities there?
Minimum of 10 should already improve this situation alot.

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