PS4: Texture pop on enemies, PS4 Pro

Summery: I’ve been noticing since I got a PS4 Pro that it can take a really long time for textures to pop onto enemies. I’ve fought through entire hoards with their low poly pretexture forms before finally getting textures on them at the end of the fight.

Details: This is especially bad when the game has multiple factions in a mission and switches between them. Like when I fight a Skaven hoard, then the next hoard is northlanders all without their texture until they finally pop, then if the next hoard is Skaven again they will not have their textures. This also happens when I’m in an area that’s clear of enemies and they suddenly show up by spawning close to me from a spawn point.

Possible reason this is happening and possible fixes: It’s obvious the game is having trouble streaming textures, but this wasn’t an issue for me on PS4. if the game is running higher resolution textures on PS4 Pro, ultimately I’d like to see some optimization to resolve this or just give me the option to run the game at a lower resolution.

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