Weird Texture Loading Issues

Hi all

So I turned shadows off recently to reclaim some of my butchered FPS. Recently while playing I’ve had enemy textures either not load fully for a long time or not at all. Fought a Chaos Spawn recently that was fuzzy and lacking texture detail and stayed this way till after we killed it.

Start of Dark Omens has often been blurry for a second during the intro before the textures fully load, but recently it stays fuzzy for the full intro before eventually loading the textures.

I feel like Bestigors are also turning up a lot with fuzzy textures, but they move around too much to tell sometimes.

Never experienced this issue till recently, hoping someone has encountered something similar and might know what’s causing it. Updated my GPU to a 2070 Super recently but wasn’t having this issue at first so I don’t think it has to do with that.

I don’t believe we’ve seen this on our end but we can certainly watch out for it. Would always recommend a clean GPU driver re-installation if you’ve recently upgraded. :slight_smile:

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