PS4 Dead body count.

I play on the Playstation 4 PRO.
The amount of dead bodies that can stay on the ground is capped at only 5 bodies! So when a lot of enemies are killed at the same time then sometimes the enemies will disappear on hit. For a game where there are a lot of enemies to kill 5 bodies is not enough and silly.
Please update the game so more dead bodies can be showed.
This really ruins the game experience for me.

You know consoles are not best in term of that kind of performance

There are enough possibilities to balance performance. It’s not normal that enemies disappear on hit when this game is only about killing enemies.

Why are you making a second thread about this? One is enough.

And yeah, standards for consoles require a certain performance threshold and console hardware is very limited compared to pc. Pc did recently get a patch with some optimization and increase to body count so imagine that will be in the pipeline for console as well.

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I posted this thread last weekend but I could not find it anywhere so I made another one but then I saw that the post had to be approved first. It took longer then usual because it was easter holiday.
Thanks for the info, I hope the PS4 gets the update.

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