How to add new heroes: A second group of heroes

With the arrival of Beastmen to the game Fatshark showed us commitment and ability to add content to the game. But the most difficult thing seems to be add new pjs to our team. Here I leave you how it could be done:

1º They must be a new group. Nobody survives alone at the end of time, therefore they should be a group of 3 heroes.

2º They must be heroes of the old world. The most logical choice would be:

  • Bretonnian Knight
  • Kislev Wizard
  • High Elf
    -> “Genevieve Dieudonné” (A possible 4th option, but less likely)

3º They must come from Bretonnia. It´s the biggest and closest territory to Helmgart.

4º They must have a story. Many possibilities … Perhaps the High Elf and the Kislev Wizard are emissaries of their respective cities, being trapped during the conflict in Bretonnia. They would move in a similar way to our heroes, try to survive at the end of time. Olesya would detect the magic of the Kislev Wizard helping them to reach the castle.

All this is very nice but … What about the voice lines? These could be added progressively, taking a few at the beginning and adding more and more.

This would require time and work, but it would give us a very varied meta, lore and fun.


While I overall would LOVE new heroes… The amount of work required is just way too much, and with all the boo-ing video games company takes this day when they deliver an “unfinished” product, this is unlikely to be a viable solution (adding voiceline bit per bit).

But if FS think they can make it, I’m actually up for any kind of heroes.


I wish people would just pack it in with the new heroes requests. It’s getting silly.

An expansion has been announced with an entirely new faction, new games modes, new weapon types and new difficulty and people STILL banging on about new heroes. I mean… have a word.

You could have TEN new heroes and someone would still rock up and post fifty threads asking for a Warrior Priest/Vampire/Skink/




Agreed. From a lore setting it would be much easier to have someone be rumored to have joined the heroes for a short time and then disappeared afterwards than to design a new team as well. The dialogue options would also be much easier with just a single addition as well.

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Because ppl WANTS new heros or careers MUCH MORE then new difficulties and new game modes or new enemy faction. For me, it is not a surprise that someone feel disappointed and writes similar posts

Now we have new mode. You play once and have enough, because there is no point to play more - no good revard for chellenge = no motivation to play more.
Everyone likes to be rewarded for doing something in the game, but the challenge is not a reward in itself.

For example, look at game called Strange Brigade. This game is very similar to Vermintide. Rebellion has no problems to put new heroes to game, and I don’t wanna hear “only ubersreik 5 and story collision” bullshits. Any good GM (in pen and paper RPG) is able to come up with a simple scenario to introduce a new game character.
Yes I know, it requires work. Nobody denies it. However, keep in mind that no one expects such this type DLC will be free.


Eh? The way is the entire thing careers are part of it but the gameplay is the core. You might not need more challenge maybe because you’re satisfied with the lvl you’re paying on but for me it was to low.

I think they might do an expansion with one new character with 3 careers but that probably won’t happen before 2020.

Ok, but like you said chellenge is gameplay core but not a reward in itself. Besides, I have not written anywhere that I do not want challenges. Simply I just think that for challenge there should be a adequate reward.

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If they did make a second team, it would end up being effectively a new game. About the only assets the would make sense to reuse would be the enemies and weapons (and even the latter would need new graphical assets). Unless, of course, they were made effective reskins and/or remixes of our current group - in which case, what’s the point?

It’s also difficult enough to make one new character, let alone four (as this is still a four-player game) or five. All the design work, both graphical and gameplay, then balancing, writing, voices… For implementation, the only thing that’d be easier would be the lack of need for integrating the new ones to our group.

If new enemies, map and generally more to do isn’t enough to hold your interest in a game, a new character probably won’t hold it much longer. Everything new to the game takes time and effort to develop, and doing one thing means adding another is delayed. FS made their decision on what to implement next (though we’ve yet to see what Friday brings).

Yet even in table-top RPGs (at least if the characters are written and played well) it can take a long time for the new characters to become integrated into the group; more so when the campaign has already lasted for a while (like would be the situation for our group).


I wrote about the new mode we got now. Not something related to the announced expansion. For now, we do not have too much information. BTW I know better what hold my interest in game.

Yea, yea… the same effort like with new game modes, new faction etc. But you have right, we’ll see what news will Friday brings.

I strongly disagree with this statement. There is many ways to introduce new character player to group even they are in middle of long campaign (eg. accidental meeting, release of a prisoner, unexpected help when ours heroes are in seriuos trouble, a similar goal in the task, revenge, rescue the last survivor etc. - it can be almost endlessly)
You know, I’m a GM in WFRP 2ed. (but not only - WFRP is my favorite system) for over 18 years and I and my players, never had problems with such things like that.

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I have similar amount of experience in table-top too, (though not WHFRP, unfortunately). Within the same campaign (with the same players) I’ve seen characters both get easily and quickly integrated, and others that got left behind as soon as they tried to do their own thing. Both were played equally well.

The difference between table-top and a computer game is that a computer game is inherently more restricted, especially story-wise. On table-top, the other players are likely to (knowingly or not) metagame so that the new character does get integrated to the group, at least easily giving them the initial benefit of the doubt. The GM also is likely to steer the story so that the new character gets their chance. Neither is really possible in a fixed story like a computer game, book or a movie - there things will need good explanations to stay believable. For that reason, bringing in new characters will need a pretty good story behind them, why they’re here with us and how they relate to the existing group. It’s easier to give suspension of disbelief some leeway when it’s one of our friends behind a new character, and we want them to stay in the game.

Ok, I mostly agree, but we forgot about one important thing - Vermintide isn’t an RPG game.
All you need is a really small but robust storyline to add a new character, precisely because game has some limitations. There is no need to write the entire campaign script (but why not :wink: ) for that.

Look how different careers for the current characters have been outlined. It’s literally a few lines of words and that’s all . No one have problem with that and no one say - that disturbs story known from v1…


I currently play for the combat system. I don´t open any chest, I don´t look at missions, I don´t look for anything, I only play because I like the combat of the game. I´m interested in weapons and heroes, of course also new enemies, and everything of variety to combat.

I’m delighted with everything that Fatshark gives us, of course, but I think the key in this game is the combat system.

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@SrRaulCL I know a fair few people who simply don’t open chests any more. I also play for the combat and the gameplay. I’ve stopped playing Legend as having 50+ chests and opening them for 10 red charms/necklaces is pointless, and I’ve had a blast playing tweaked-Twitch in Champion with PUG QP’s.

I’m just getting exasperated with people keep asking for new characters. We’ve got some well rounded fleshed out characters with some character depth, a background to each one and a huge opportunity to develop them into new careers or different talents but every day there’s a thread asking for something outlandish to be added.

And… I completely agree with everything @Yzneftamz said. If you genuinely think that FS has developed the Beastman expansion since the launch of VT2, then you’re probably mistaken. The Beastmen were likely designed alongside the whole thing and as such it isn’t just a case of the Dev team firing out some brand new content within a year on a whim.

To put in a single new character will have been decided long ago, with a time-frame decided before launch and with the workload being spread out over the years prior to launch. To get a single new character into the game is a monumental amount of work and not likely to have been suddenly worked on because reasons. Certainly it won’t have been suddenly implemented as a result of the last suggestion thread.

IF there ever appears a new character it’ll have been decided before these Fora were even launched and agreed with GW long before it became a twinkle in your (or anybody’s) eye. To ask for three at once is like asking my wife to never drink wine again; absolutely extremely unlikely to happen in our lifetime.

[edit] there’s a million ways to add a new character. For example, Morgan Bernhardt sends a human mercenary/spy/thief type to check on his Farm (Morgansloft) and this new human knows Lohner through the Mercenary company Lohner served with Bernhardt in. It’s not hard to dream up a reason for the new characters to be there, just a mountain of work to get it included. and PEOPLE WOULD STILL MOAN IT WASN’T A BLOODY VAMPIRE.


Nothing of the things you mentioned is a must. Instead of beating the same old story and same old province (Reikland), they can move the game to Ostland for example and introduce the new characters there.

Or, Middenland. They could spread out the story around the whole province. Middenheim is really big and quite an interesting place. There could be some surface maps and a couple of sewer/subterranean maps in the caves underneath the city. A mountain map on the west flank of Middle mountains. A really dark and ominous forest map in the Drakwald forest…

They might even come up with a story line that happens before VT1 so they don’t need to be limited to the End Times. Wouldn’t it be great to have an adventure through the whole Empire as a part of a big and intriguing story? Starting in some backwater village in Hochland as a hunt for some renegade mage. And then the story unravels itself and we realize that there’s much bigger threat in the background. A cult perhaps, which we hunt throughout the Empire provinces. Fighting Skaven in Altdorf sewers, beastmen in Drakwald forest, Greenskins on Averland plains… The possibilities are infinite :smiley:

Thus they (the heroes) don’t need to come from Bretonnia because Helmgart becomes practically irrelevant.

Why not a master engineer from Miragliano, Estalia? An arrogant son of a bitc.h, a proper Estalian bastard with some interesting and volatile equipment/gizmos? He could’ve came to Empire as a mercenary, or he just wanted to “learn” something in Nuln.

Exactly. Bridge of shadows gives you endless possibilities of traveling around the world. Nothing has to be limited to the suggestions from the first post.

BTW vampire IMO are the worst, and sorry, but stupid choice for new hero ever. Character of this type will be definitely stronger than our heroes. He(or she) would have to be limited in some way, and who would want to play a handicapped character? There is much more interesting possibilities - Tilean alchemist, Kislevian ice maiden etc.
And no, in End Times events Vampire Counts don’t be a “good guys”.

I sometimes lead the brigade of “new heroes”, but damn - I’m really happy with the coming expansion. Let it chill for awhile. I do hope to get new characters eventually, but I’m massively excited for a whole new enemy faction. This level of new content suggests that other big new content could come our way eventually. :slight_smile:


We will have to wait. Currently only watching a trailer for “Winds of Magic” on the anniversary I would be very happy!

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I would pay good money for new heroes. There is no shortage of badasses in the world of Warhmmer.

If that’s your attitude, a new character isn’t going to be any different.

In a game like vermintide, the gameplay is the reward.


Yea right, you know better my motivations to play this game and you know better what will be different for me… lol.

Tell it those who put on a lot of threads here or in reddit, about new heroes, careers, veapons etc. Just in-particular in this game, gamepaly is not a reward in itself. They are achieving achievements, cosmetics, new weapons, frames and everything you can get by playing the game.
Otherwise the vermintide would be an ordinary copy paste L4D2 with gameplay as reward.
BTW gameplay can be a reward for a bored minority who has already get everything (or almost ) in the game. But for how long? If the new gamemode starts to repeat and there is nothing after finishing just “one-shoot” experience. Idd nice reward…

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