How do i stop the crashing

Crashed at least once per match

Intel(R) Core™ i5-12600KF 3.70 GHz
32.0 GB DDR4
GIGABYTE Vision OC GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6

console-2022-12-01-04.39.41-4abb69a9-a382-4930-bdaf-41d3e3f6c8bb.log (558.6 KB)
console-2022-12-01-05.14.55-982c0a6e-56a7-450a-b4d1-8798cf4e44d0.log (93.9 KB)

maybe try to post that in the bug section?
the launch is quit hard for many, I hope it will get better.

This is Vermintide 2 launch experience all over again.

  1. First make sure to install up to date drivers (clean install), consider not running your GPU in OC mode.

  2. In-game go back to the basics. Lower all the graphical settings to low/disabled/off. Play a match. Has that helped? Increase your textures to medium. Try again. Repeat with ONE option at the time and see if you reach a situation where you start crashing again. You will know what to avoid.

  3. Also you can try lowering the worker numbers in the launcher settings, just not too much.

  4. Do NOT enable multiple things at the time. One change at the time.

This is not science btw, but is worth a try. I run the game on mix of medium/low/off settings and I virtually never crash. Guys who run the games on 30xx series cards with more settings enabled crash all the time.

I would imagine the fault is on the side of the game bugs and the GPU driver issues. Over time these should get ironed out.

Set worker threads to 1. Other settings do nothing to prevent crashing for me.

I have somewhat similar system. I used to crash 3-4 times during single game but it got better recently. What might help is:

  1. disabling DLSS
  2. disabling Steam overlay

Don’t know about worker threads, running with 10 currently and it’s pretty stable.

The issue does seem to be DLSS thanks for the input guys.