Crash report Vermintide 2


I have a lot of crash in vermintide 2. Thats making when i play or when i launch the game.

I have this information :

GUID: 401bf257-3e06-48e3-b487-5f41cf823164
Log File:
Info Type:

my config : - I7 4790k
- GTX 970
- 16 Go DDR3

All my driver is up to date. I try to change between DX11 and DX12. My computer isn’t overhating.
i try to change the graphic settings and i don’t think is Easy Anti Cheat because i play with another game with that Anti Cheat.

I’m lost. I have check all solution in internet but without result.

So, i need help. Thank you for listen me.

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Hi @Aragomo,

Sorry to hear that! Based on the information within your logs you’re running into a GPU-related crash.

I appreciate you’ve tried a few things already, but I recommend running through all of the potential solutions in this article:

Hi @FatsharkLev

Thank for your help but i have see this solution. My problème is not in that link.

Following - I’m in the same boat. Crashing on startup, I’ve done all the fixes in all the articles, and still no progress.

-Updated (and clean installed) GPU drivers
-Updated Windows
-Un/Reinstalled MS C++ stuff
-Un/Reinstalled the game
-No Overclocks
-No Heat
-Not too many threads
-Not using a GFX monitor

@Aragomo, from your initial crash report your drivers are slightly outdated. Can I just confirm that you’ve now updated your drivers to the latest version (517.48)?

@Bogmut, can you please share a crash report or console log so we can take a look?

Also, you’ve stated you’re crashing on Startup. Though, can you launch the game successfully on ‘Modded’ realm? (chosen from the launcher options)

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