Hotfix 1.0.24

Yes, you are right and I am wrong, I apologise.

I do think having the option of “All toughness gains improved by x%” would be nice (and maybe improved wording on the other one; “Coherency Regen” would probably be clearer).

Ideal patch notes being:

  • +XP, +Curio, and +Ordo perks no longer appear on Curios if your level is 20 or above.
  • New Curio Perk: “All Toughness gains improved by 10-15%.”
  • All Damage Resist perks for Hounds, Flamers, and Mutants are consolidated into a new Perk, “5-20% Damage Resistance (Hounds, Flamers, and Mutants)”. Duplicates of this perk have been automatically rerolled into a random new perk, and perk-lockout of affected curios is reset (ie you can reroll your choice of perks once more).

they need to add a checklist to the mission types penance (complete 1 of each type on said difficulty) making my own everytime is kinda meh :confused:

A thimble sized patch is better than no patch at all.

I hate that this stat is tied to Coherency, it should be a gain on earned toughness from the rest of the sources in the game instead.

Replenishment and Regeneration are two different things.

Still no players found :frowning:

fix that please

Increase in Elite spawns to Damnation has basically killed my interest in playing the game any further for the time being. Went from a solid static group that would complete Damnation 90% of the time, to 1/7 success rate today and every one a deflating loss due to the AI director flooding the maps with more non-horde enemies. Having even 1 person need rescue basically ends your run as well: 100% of the time it spawns a boss now and between that and the extra elites, you have a very slim chance of reaching them.

Malice is an absolute joke, Heresy is still quite boring, and now Damnation feels like an unfun waste of time rather than a challenge to rise to the occasion for.

Still no Psyker brain burst peril fixes :confused:

Why you need it if psyker can BB ever 2 secs infinite?
And he has ultimate that makes BB super fast

wdym with peril fixes for BB is there a bug i’m not aware off?

@Eagle_I_am @RasMoti I presume they’re referring to this:

Hopefully @Korhi can confirm whether or not I’m interpreting correctly.

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So… that it for this week huh.

Yay so now it regains correctly while i have nothing to do in game after all chars are at lvl 30.

@FatsharkCatfish so is there going to be any communication regarding the rest of crafting whatsoever? It’s rather conspicuous not only that it’s already over a month later than promised at this point, but even moreso that there has still been zero communication apologising for or explaining that delay, let alone any kind of time frame for when we can actually expect to see it.

I am generally positive about the last few patches that have gone out, but blessing crafting is really sticking out like a sore thumb at the moment and the lack of even a general acknowledgement of how late it is at this point feels a bit insulting frankly.


I’m not FatSharkCatfish to answer the question, but don’t you think that if FatShark had even the slightest intention of communicating something on the subject, or simply explaining the delay, or at least apologizing for it, that this wouldn’t have happened by now? I mean the letter was delayed for at least 2 weeks and the content is just PR babble that you can type up in 5 minutes. I would also like to get at least a statement on the rough roadmap but I think it will:

stay with this statement… which says what is being worked on but doesn’t even roughly outline how FatShark envisions it now. At least, it can only get better :smiley: I just hope, since they also write that they want to listen to feedback and deliver ‘a’ complete crafting system (which can also mean that they don’t necessarily continue the current one… hopefully, but a version adapted to the feedback) and adjust the progression, that the delay - especially in crafting - is simply due to a more extensive rework. But this is also pure wishful thinking / speculation due to the meager information available.

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Pretty much. Just like all the other times (and they are many) that FatShark has promised to improve communication over the years, and promised to be better at listening to feedback… they just don’t.

I can barely launch the game now after the hotfix

I read on discord this morning Catfish writing yesterday she was hoping to share some stuff this week with us if it’s finalized.

Dude, it’s been 3 weeks you write the same f-ing thing and the patch this week was a joke without any aknowledgement about it.

Noticed that in beta when they fixed Zealot’s ult giving crits for 2 seconds…
Made it so much more interesting at that point

invert y axis on controller settings still not saving
option to toggle crouch controller not saving

and, no players found

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