Hotfix 1.0.24


We just released 1.0.24 to fix an issue found in last weeks patch, and a small buff to compensate!

Hotfix Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Toughness Regeneration Speed from Curio bonuses incorrectly gave an extremely high regen speed.
  • Buffed the Toughness Regeneration Speed Curio values for all tiers.

As usual a bug with an advantage to the players is fixed ASAP.
FS style


fixing bugs is to our advantage , at some point people usually realise the fun is in beating the challenge its why games dont ship with godmode as standard, it is boring.

but did you even test it? the bugs been reomoved and a buff was added do you know the value of that buff?

would it not make more sense than FS deliberately attempting to sabotage thier own product for… reasons? that it is simple logical standard operating procedure that you fix the current job before moving to the next?

i mean i get it FS released game with massive issues. but how productive is this method?


… and then they also buffed it, which they really didn’t even need to do, it would have been a very competitive option just fixed to function as intended.

This was obviously working orders of magnitude more effectively than it was meant to, it seems very odd to me to complain about it getting fixed.



Now, how about implementing a few other very simple numerical changes, to bandaid the RNG hellhole that is currently Darktide? You know, both to show appreciation for your customers, but also to show that FatShark is happy and ready to move away from the absurd levels of RNG grind?

1. Adjust crafting costs dramatically down and/or dramatically increase drop rates in missions

2. Adjust the number range in the Armoury to make it only drop 350-380 stuff once you hit level 30 (If possible and very easily done, increase the number of items per hour)

3. Adjust Melk rewards at least fourfold, and make the items in Melk store have a range of 370-380


And give as possibility to manually refresh shop.


earn- and re-blessing when?

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Nice to know it got fixed, thanks for the news!

Also, might I add, stamina Curios still don’t work as intended.


Even though its small updates, it is progress. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


nice 1 bug fix

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Catfish doesn’t reply to more general questions…

What’s the issue? Is it with +Stamina blessing or the +stamina regeneration perk? Something else?

Catfish - just a kindly request for these sorts of balance changes, can you request that the development team give you the actual numbers pre and post change so you can accurately report those?

The change should ideally read:

  • Buffed the Toughness Regeneration Speed Curio values for all tiers from 1.1 to 1.3

Values above are made up, but tell us what the changes actually are.

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Just FYI the values are now 15-> 22.5 for tier 3 perk and 20->30 for tier 4 perk. It’s a 50% increase across the board. Affect on regen delay is unchanged. It’s still x0.8 per max perk (so ~0.5 X the delay before regen starts with 3 max tier perks).

I know that wasn’t the point of your comment, but figure here is as good a place as any to post that info.


Afaik its not the regeneration speed of toughness itself, but the time until toughness regeneration starts and therefore is so minimal thats not worth it.
Like 1.6 Seconds without and 1.2 seconds with a curio.
So your Toughness Regeneration starts 0.4 Seconds earlier if you use this.
Not sure this got patched or changed, havent tried it.

See my comment above for values. It both increases coherency regen speed by the listed amount, AND reduces the delay before coherency regen starts.

Ogryn’s Lynchpin feat also doubles your total regen speed including bonuses from this perk. Essentially Ogryn can reach as high as 380% regen speed, 190% for everyone else.


I hate that this stat is tied to Coherency, it should be a gain on earned toughness from the rest of the sources in the game instead.

It should buff the gain from kills, career skills, feats and blessings.

If you needed a bug to carry you maybe play on lower difficulties

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