Hotfix #22 (1.1.22)

Devoted Rejects,

Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.1.22 which just went live on Steam, and will be out shortly on the Microsoft Store.

  • +X Stamina perks now give incrementally higher bonuses (+1 / +1.25 / +1.5 / +2).
  • Refining “+% Curio Chance as mission reward” perk should no longer display an error.
  • Minor fixes for various cosmetics items.

Hey Catfish! I’m personally getting very excited about the upcoming class rebalance, however there’s a big problem with the game servers that has been causing a lot of hitreg issues and getting people booted from games for the past couple of months that seems to be only getting worse lately. It actually discourages me from booting up the game again. Are there any server restarts planned for the near future? If not, could you ask one of the game devs about it? It’s getting absolutely ridiculous.


when will we gbe given the Karskin, Tempestus Scion and Stormtrooper update Catfish?

like Ryza,Lucius and Cadian pattern Hotshot lasguns and pistols.
Hotshot Marksman rifle with Scope and Special issue ammunition
and for a lucky last Hazza Hotshot Vollygun ultimate.

thanks for this quick update FS.

Wow I wouldve expected fixes on october, while you’re at it the locks are still there please hurry up and remove them forever


Not yet live on Experimental

surprised we aren’t getting an archetype spotlight per week, would have been a good way to build up hype


Just happy nothing changed with the resource “bug”. Yet.

Is this solely for +Stam on weapons, or have +Stam curios been nerfed?


“perk” i guess its only weapon since on curios +1/2/3 stamina are blessing



hey another retro bug


a few text bugs on blessings

I’m still sitting here wondering why, after a year, simple things like equalizing ammo across a single weapon variety, or tweaking certain weapons to make them more fun and worth using, still haven’t been done.

I know you’re working on the new class update, but nobody at the office had a minute to just make the Kantrael 1a have the same ammo capacity as the other two Kantraels? Or give the devil claw a little bit of a buff?

Or do weapon buffs require the management team to come up with a 20 step plan, implemented slowly over a decade?


Please can you report any bugs separately in the bugs section of the forums if they haven’t been reported already? Much easier to keep track if we keep everything in the same place!
I have raised it internally also though


Game companies AA or above almost universally work on a priority list, meaning stuff that takes only a few hours to fix just wont get done because those few hours are needed on urgent issues.

Oh boy not again

Something something QA.


May I ask a question?

Do you really not test each patch before you release it?

I think even if you just open the game and take a quick look, you won’t make the same mistake every time



That’s what bother me, even small hotfix patch breaks something everytime, don’t know what to think about upcoming patch #13.

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Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep track of EVERYTHING? That’s why they have a bug report system. USE IT.

Immeasurably complex to stop recreating the same bug for a 10th time