Has anyone at fatshark ever considered an achievement DLC?

What i mean is a new DLC which contains 100s of new okri’s challenges.

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I wonder what is the point will be of such DLC? And what kind of reward you expecting for completing these challenges?

I don’t think we have explicit plans to do a standalone challenge pack. Typically we release challenges along side content releases.

I love the way you guys now release fitting challenges with the careers and their matching weapons. It seems the exact strategy of matching those and cosmetics is a bit work-in-progress based on community feedback though. For what it’s worth I personally liked it best when cosmetics needed to be earned with the challenges, instead of them being all free like with SotT and Forgotten Relics.

And on the original topic: I would enjoy a DLC pack where the red illusions that are currently only available through RNG can be earned by doing a challenge fitting to that specific weapon. In the same vein the cosmetics for Engi and GK weapons can be earned by doing challenges. Having them be harder or take more time or be locked to Legend and above would be perfectly acceptable.


Indeed, this game really lacks any meaningful rewards that you could unlock via various challenges and show off your skill/time put into the game (grind). Prior to SotT you at least had the new career’s cosmetic items locked behind somewhat interesting challenges, now you just get everything for free right away… no effort required.


And I think otherwise. Why the hell I will not receive something immediately if I bought it? That is actually annoy me. So, the point of view can be different.


You don’t get them for free, you paid money specifically for them and then couldn’t access it unless you did obnoxious challenges. I’ve got no interest in having to run recruit over and over again, or do random arbitrary things so I can actually use the things I paid for.


You show that aplenty through your gameplay. In cosmetics you shouldn’t read anything beyond a player’s Fashiontide tastes.

Oh I see the point why would people want to get something they paid for immediately. And I don’t agree with that. Simply put a clarification on the product page that you will have to complete challenges in order to gain access to them and people can decide.

I said for free in the context of an in-game challenge. Swiping a credit card is not that big of a challenge.

I get that, but I on the other hand have no interest in getting everything served right in front of my face. FS could just make the challenges difficulty restricted, and make them less obnoxious.

Why shouldn’t you? You don’t show just your skill but your overall accomplishments in the game as well. You can do that both through in-game skill as well as having a unique cosmetics.

Look at old school MMOs, before they got ruined by in-game shops. People took pride in having cool looking gear, not just because it had better stats, but mainly because it showed their accomplishments.

Both of these sides are important.


People always value their own opinion above the others. If people want cosmetics, they should get cosmetics, if people want a challenge, they should get a challenge.

But it’s like cosmetics in the base game. You paid for those as well. You think it would be better to get them automatically as well? And what about frames? Same idea; would it really be better to get them automatically too?

Having some reward to strive for is a good thing, I guess. Could do with a lot less RNG though…


I think standalone challenge pack for existing content wouldn’t really be worth it, we already got challenges for that. Chaos Wastes could perhaps use some general challenges.
I mean it would probably depend on the reward, I know there are some hardcore achievement hunters, but I think most people only do challenges for the rewards.

The rewards for future challenges, especially careers and weapon packs, I feel really need some revamping though. I mean shillings are kinda boring and to some even worthless.

I agree that some of the challenges were annoying, but overall stand with @TmanDW and @Jaffawer. I think the cosmetics and illusions unlocking from challenges is a good idea. I don’t really hold the skins and illusions that are given to me as highly as those I had to unlock myself.


I do not like Kruber’s beard and hated playing 100 plays on huntsman to get mask on him. I prefer buying cosmetics for real or in-game currency.
If someone want illusion of achievement, they will be completing challenges anyway.

But people also want to show off that achievement. You do that with cosmetics.

There already is shop for cosmetics (hopefully for all careers eventually), there’s no reason there shouldn’t be challenge cosmetics. Quite the opposite I feel.


Asuryan forbid you would actually have to play the game to unlock things…


No, but it is still my money which I spent specifically to buy the cosmetics. Telling me that I can’t use them until I jump through a bunch of hoops is silly.

Either they’re going to be so trivial they might as well not be there, or they’re going to be nothing but annoying gates before you’re allowed to use the cosmetics you bought.

Also, the point about how they’re displays of skill is just not true. They aren’t, killing 58 hookrats with a fire bomb while doing a 360 degree spin is not going to make you some cata TS warlord, or make anyone think you’re a better player.

No you didn’t, you paid for the entire game. Cosmetic packs are sold specifically as cosmetic packs, they’re the only thing you’re paying for when you buy them. Locking that behind challenges makes about as much sense as making the premium hats cost shillings as well as irl money.

Would your opinion change if they were called Challenge Packs instead

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No, because they are still nothing but the cosmetics. If I buy content, I want to be able to access that content without it being locked behind a bunch of pointless time wasting challenges.

If people want to do those challenges because they enjoy them that’s cool, but locking purchased content behind them is not. If they were free cosmetics I wouldn’t care.

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This is a wierd stance to be honest. Completing challenges make you play the game. For a computer game that was created to be played by people, challenges are content.

As an argument to the contrary, I can also say that cosmetics are completely pointless to the point of being stupid because they change absolutely nothing in the actual gameplay. Moreover, it is a first person perspective game, so you yourself cannot even stare at the elgi waifu butt all day long while playing.


I never said these specific examples you mentioned are any representation of skill. Don’t know where you got that from.
I stated skills as well as accomplishments. There are challenges that are more skill-based than others, though skill is relative of course. Does not mean that FS cannot add any challenges that are more skill oriented in the future.

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