Skins not included, frick you FATSHARK, milking the noobs :D

First i thought, 3.5€, thats reasonable, a bit on the high side but ok.

Then i realize you have GIMPED this DLC with no SKINS hahah, so now i have to pay ~9€ for a f*cking career. This will be times 5 for all heroes, = 45€, thats way more than the base game.

F**king milkers, disgusting.

Played 1500h, i think it stops today :slight_smile:


ok, bye


You got a whole new career, two new exclusive weapons and if i am not mistaken, at least a few extra unlockable cosmetics to go along with the new career for the price of 3.5£ same as the other careers from okri.

In my mind that´s pretty much dirt cheap.

Then you have the option, no one is forcing you to, it´s completely optional, to buy some extra cosmetics for the new career if you want to.

Extra cosmetics include :

4 New Bretonnian Longsword Illusions
4 New Hero Skin Color Variations
5 New Bretonnian Sword & Shield Illusions
2 New Helmets (other heroes can buy special hats and nothing else for 2,3 to 4£ apiece)
2 New Portrait Frames
7 Exclusive Paintings
New Challenges

And all those together cost like…is it 5£ or what?

This is still dirt cheap as far as i see it, i mean compare it to say path of exile that sells skins for the price of 800-ish of their own points currency, 200 points costs 20£ to buy, so a skin can cost as much as 80£.

And those are all just a single look with visual effects being part sometimes, so a “skin” for the ridiculous price of 80£, no new skills or abilities for your class or whatnot.

Meanwhile in a MOBA like league of legends a skin, purely cosmetics, can cost anywhere from 10£ to 20 or even 30£ if you look at the really expensive ones and that´s ignoring the gemstone or “prestige” ones.

Meanwhile Fatshark? Sells you a new career with new weapons, voice lines and multiple skins and stuff for 9£-ish or just 3.5£ if you dont care for all the extra cosmetics.

In my opinion this is really very nice of them, they could easily have put up a higher price and it would not have been anywhere near out of line at all.


1500 hours of entertainment for 30ish euros is pretty nice

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One could argue that, tho its more like 60€ and if i buy all the new careers rather 110€.

I have more than 2000h in CSGO for 15€…

Love the morons that came here to cry and attention, so I gave you attention :slight_smile: If you would think then you would prove your point with wallet not crocodile tears

I really understand that they somehow need to get cash from product that they did. And I support devteam that don’t do idiotic crunches and actually is passionate about what they do even if they do it slowly and clumsy.


Dont understand the anger people have with this…

The price is nothing for what you get, you are not entitled to get cosmetics in any game for free.
They could either have NOT added the cosmetics at all, and then people would rage about that, or they could have added them later for the price of 4$ / item and then it would have costed a lot more in total.

And the challenges, it took 2 games to get the first unlock, so if you play some you will have them soon. How fun is it to just get stuff thrown in your face, if you put in some effort you would feel better when you unlock that cosmetic that you wanted…


How much you think it cost to make a skin/comsmetic?

20$ 200$ 2000$ 20 000$ 200 000$?

I bet you think re-skins (same skin with a different color) also are expensive to make? :slight_smile:

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Dont know, my guess is a lot more than you think.

And please, when you set the amount, factor in EVERYTHING that goes into it, that is software cost, the cost for the office etc etc etc.

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How much does cost to make car? 1k -2k ? And oh wow you won’t buy it for that price hmmmmmmm maybe there is something more to it

And why are you entitled to a “re-skin” for free?

For what reason does the people at Fatshark need to do anything for free (more then fix bugs)?

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They dont need to do anything for free, but they also cant charge whatever they like. ( as long as
they want to keep their customers at least)

They are milking this game dry, cant you see that? :smiley:

A fair price for this career WITH a few skins would be 1-3€ tops, not 9.

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Well, agree to disagree, I think it is a very fair price for the cosmetic bundle.

And you dont have to buy it.

Edit: And they can charge whatever they like.

That won’t be fair price. Its like asking artist for full paint for exposure :slight_smile:

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If anything of what you think is true relating to the cost of making this, the base game would have cost at least 2500$, prly more like 5000$, i hope you are ready to pay that for your next game :slight_smile:

There has been no precendence set for selling careers as DLC for this game yet. Why weren’t you up in arms over paying $5.00 for a single hat?

I know right? Sigmar forbid a business makes any sort of profit from their content.

Also, you can go about your “argument” without all the name calling and telling other people they’re being milked.


I was, because i saw exactly this coming :slight_smile:

This DLC in DLC is a new thing i believe, no other dev have been trying this before, but Fatshark really have good imagination when it comes to this kinds of things…

Next DLC; you will have to pay for each pixel 3$ per pixel :wink:

You managed to see a future optional purchase for additional content? Dude, nothing gets past you. Teach me your ways.


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