WPoS - Skins and the Reward for Learning To Play him

That being… There are None.

There’s No reward for learning to play the class and actually engaging with it in a meaningful way. The Skins are locked behind a paywall that costs Double what the actual class costs.

This is only the case with WPoS and SoTT , with Outcast Engineer having Unlockable , mostly Skill-based Skins, and Grail Knight having Unlockable, Mostly skill-based Skins.

I need to ask, Why did FatShark Switch to this model? Sure, there’s some Achievements that are virtually Unobtainable without bugging the game out or Cheesing it ( Bombing an airborne Rat Ogre, anyone? ) , But You could still Feel like you accomplished something. Seeing someone with the Skins meant You could put a little faith in them, because they at least played enough to Know some of the mechanics required.


Because some people lost their mind when they had to pay for something and then play to unlock it.

I liked the old way better. Just being handed everything doesn’t feel great.


What if you’d paid and never got any of the good skins purely because you’d reached you own personal skill ceiling? Or didn’t have time? But really enjoyed the game and wanted to thank the devs.

I bet there’s people who paid for GK and couldn’t pull off some of the challenges and never got what they paid for. Paying for something and not getting it is sure to annoy customers.

Also, the amount of people with cata FOW frames who are certifiably awful at this game tells me frames and skins mean nothing about a players competence.


By this logic, Why have Blue skins at all? Some players won’t reach Champion and thus won’t be able to farm for them.

Why Reward Good players at all?


No one wants to grind for skins that they specifically paid for. That’s like purchasing a premium skin, then realizing you have to complete some tedious challenge that you don’t care for before you actually unlock it.

Like you said, the cosmetic bundle is kinda pricy. Why screw over consumers even more with a grind before they get what they actually paid for?

Because base game skins aren’t a separate thing that you pay for, like DLC.


The reward lies within the mentioned mastery. Being good and overcoming challenges. I want to dunk on rats with style so if I’m going to pay for a hat I’d rather wear it while dunking on said rats and not have it gated behind some arbitrary amount of hours. By that point I probably need a break from the game or have other things to do in my life, so the hat ends up gathering virtual dust in the inventory. The “challenges” are really either a time-sink (complete x missions with the career) or a gimmick that you need to pull off in some inventive way by yourself or with a coordinated group, so they are more of a hassle than anything and don’t really say much about you as a player.


I agree. All skins should be able to be purchased via the emporium with players playing at higher difficulties getting a touch more shillings per run.

The rng of the chests means it took me 2.5k hours to get the red skin for greatsword on kruber, so glowy skins really are rng, with just better chests giving a better chance. This is different than performing specific actions for a skin you have just purchased.

On that subject you can have a minuscule chance to get red skins from comm chest so nothing is actually locked to difficulty but completely unlikely to pop for most people at recruit.

People want what they’ve paid for, to the point the chaos waste skins were just given away to those who paid for forgotten relics dlc.

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Forgotten Relics DLC skins could have been earned. You pay for the weapons, would have been nice if the skins had something to do for them. Now, if the weapon skins were a separate DLC that you pay for, that’d be different.


I guess you’re right. This jsut highlights how much of a minefield it really is, and the course of least resistance is just to give all the things.

As far as I remember with GK and OE you paid for the challenges. These challenges then had the cosmetics as rewards. And for me that’s preferable since you don’t get everything at once but rather get it bit by bit playing the career.

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And I think that’s dumb. Who wants to play 100 matches before they get to use the helmet they paid for? That’s just a grind, and the whole reason you paid was so that you could look cooler during those matches.


Look at the steam reviews… Sad, but people are Karens, and FS catered to them.


There is a middle ground to be had in this regard, I remember the 100 games for GK were a bit long but in the end I’m a proud owner of a Griffon Helm. GK’s challenges were mostly fun and interesting to do, and I’m happy to have paid for the challenges more so than the skins.
OE’s were mostly decent (some were awful), and SotT’s are quite alright. WPoS challenges are nice except for two which simply sound moronic and require crazy setups that are completely out of the scope of the career and even the game.

I think 25 games, block a Monster’s attacks with bretsword heavies charge, or punch back a CW are fun but also teach you about a weapon’s mechanics without being overwhelming to the majority of players.

At the same time, I like challenging challenges that are an actual show of some skill rather than some RNG crap or some cheese that makes them possible.


It depends what you call the product. If Challenges are the product sold as the DLC, then yes it’s a bit lame, but if Skins are the product(cosmetic upgrade… should be a clue) The I pay, and are handed the product I have brought. This is how transactions work.


And I liked it.

I can somewhat understand that 100 games per career is a bit much. But for me its more about the journey and getting something worthwile at the end. So I don’t mind some cosmetic (which I don’t see anyway since first person) being locked behind it.

But the whole thing boils just down to personal preference. It was obvious from the start that the cosmetics would be locked behind challenges. There was no false advertising (as has been said in other threads with this discussion) and that’s mainly the point I wanted to make in regards to your statements:

You didn’t pay for the skins. You paid for the opportunity to get the skins by completing challenges. Some liked it, more didn’t.

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I honestly like that the skins are available from the start. Especially when some of the challenges are so gimmicky (quick example being hitting 60 enemies with 1 attack like what the hell lmao)

I still find myself doing some of the challenges for fun, others will do it for flexing completion of Okri’s book, and you get shillings for a lot of them, which is I think a decent incentive for new players because getting new things (emporium hats and whatnot) is fun, and if you don’t want to complete the challenges, you still get to enjoy most if not all of the content you paid for and support the development of the game.


Well with all due respect, not really. In my world transactions work like this: you read the description of the product and then decide if its worth whatever is on the price tag. Never really understood this TV shopping mindset.

We actually gonna call those previous challenges “engaging with the class in a meaningful way”???

They were never fun or interesting, and had 0 relation to real gameplay. Ah yes, hitting a rat ogre with a bomb mid leap, the mark of a true Vermintide veteran for sure.

Good riddance to that pointless time gate for the cosmetics that already cost twice as much as the class itself.

The challenges are still there, you can still do them without the reward of a hat. I really don’t see what’s lost here.


Definitely this.

I could appreciate some “grindy” challenges like playing X times or complete the maps with the same class, but things like the Bretonnian Dance or Watch the pit from a bird’s view were just pointless, totally detached from the gameplay.

Most of the challenges are just feasible on Recruit or so and, more importantly, are better done on lower difficulties.

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See the thing to me is that those sorts of challenges are really interesting and fun as a challenge, but locking non trivial things behind their completion is definitely not fun.

I havent bought SotT so I had no real experience to compare to before this.
I honestly preferred unlocking the skins with GK and OE.
I don’t even look at it as reward for skill, it’s just a plain progression and unlocking new stuff and progressing feels fun for me. Much more fun than just being handed those skins.

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