Suggestion for Holiday rewards and cosmetics

I know it would be more time consuming than making portrait frames, but I think that holiday themed helmets or even weapon skins would be really cool, since most people just run the biggest ego boosting portrait and stick with it (guilty as charged here)

As far as skins go, v1 had some purchasable ones, and I think that would be a great way to maybe boost some sales and make a lot of people happy at the same time, but when I say purchasable skins I mean, very different skins, not just recolors, examples of which would be things like…

Alternate Knight version for FK (such as white wolf)
Warrior Priest Armor for Zealot
Corsair armor for Shade
I can think of a million of these soooo if you need ideas, hmu >.D But honestly I think people would pay 9.99 for a really cool looking skin for their class, and some idiots like me would prolly buy all of them! Also if these skins had the ability for helmets to be used with them, im sure that would be an added bonus!


Skins are great and all, but I really appreciate the fact that you have to earn them in game and not just pay some money. Vermintide 2 is in the minority when it comes to that approach, and I really respect it.


“Earn” lol, its rng aside from the black / red skins, but all the current reskins are just recolors which is boring, the black one typically looks the best so the rest just pile up in a trash heap, they might as well not even exist. Hence the paid skin idea, FS is a small company to make quality skins they prolly need a monetary incentive or else we are going to be stuck with boring reskins forever. If you don’t want them, don’t buy them, problem solved.


I want to be able to get them without paying, that’s the point I am making. I enjoy that you can simply play the game, and acquire all skins. RNG or not, grinding for a skin feels good and is rewarding. Paid skins usually just turn games into an aesthetically displeasing pile of trash anyways. On top of that, the creators tend to focus on just skins, because it is where most their profit comes from. FS already is slow to fix major issues with the game. Good luck when all their manpower is invested into some BS skin to sell you at a premium. No thank you!

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I agree with Tiddlywinks. If it is for an event, like a holiday season or something, then I’d rather earn it in-game than paying for it. 9.99 is also too high for cosmetics alone.

Personally, I’d rather have there be quests to complete for each character that unlock the event based cosmetics, like how we currently have it with the frames.

And about Mondstille quests, kind of a missed opportunity to not make the Mondstille Bonfire appear in the Keep somewhere after finding all four of them.

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The recent DLC was a win in my books. 3 maps, a new weapon for each character. And progression based unlocks for the weapons. If the current DLCs follow the same path, I’m happy.

I think 3 maps and new weapons for 9$ is a fair deal. If they’re not going to put new weapons or costumes, etc in the new DLCs, only maps. Then it should be 4 maps.

The Bög DLC on the other hand, I do not care for. 2 maps, differnt coloured weapon skins and a hat for each class. But they’re locked behind a weekly quest, which during release only allowed you 1 item per week, now currently 3 items per week. Which will still take you nearly 50 weeks to unlock everything.

If they wanted to add in a cash shop, I wouldn’t be against it. But I’d prefer if it was for things like 2x exp or 2x drop cards that last for a day or week. But it’d be nice if we could earn currency in game for purchases instead of using real money. Going for a real money based shop would kinda ruin any future DLC, as the cosmetics and frames, etc would all just be sold for micro-transactions.


“I would rather earn it in game” Too bad, the company probably doesn’t have the manpower for that as previously addressed, once again your argument is basically irrelevant by the “don’t like it don’t buy it” case

They aren’t getting fixed don’t hold your breath

Not really, grinding is pointless, if there isn’t some skill required or level of achievement such as FoW border or to a lesser extent black skins, its stupid, people with 10 hours played having the 1 cosmetic you want when you have 1000 hours in the game, ect.

End of the day FS plans on putting 5-10 years into the game, they will need capital to do so, there are 10000 posts about wanting new skins, new hats, new cosmetics, its no secret the end game is fashiontide, has been, will be, thats just the way it works. If they won’t / can’t add new skins or models to the game this is a reasonable work around. At the end of the day I just want to look cool killing rats and my choices are limited at the moment. A prime example being Kruber’s black armor, its titled a blazing sun set, something that I think would be awesome (considering its my favorite knightly order), but its lackluster at best, doesn’t match with helmets, has no over the top suns or heraldry, basically it doesn’t do the thematic justice. Honestly even most of the helmets in this game are lazy because FS is rumored to have a tight release schedule, expecting bug fixes or different cosmetics is likely near a pipe dream unless they get money for it. Granted FS has done a good job thus far in trying to fix game issues in a timely manner considering the circumstance.

P.S I am guessing most of you don’t actually get a sense of accomplishment finding a random skin in a box, you’re just cheap and don’t want to buy content, people already complained about the new DLC price, but for a 30 (20) dollar game and 7-9 dollar DLC how many hours have you gotten in? Games like LoL and HoTs ect sometimes charge 20$ for skins, why? Skin design takes a lot of time and effort (having been in that field myself for a few years).

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They could have both, which they sort of do right now anyways. The Bogenhafen DLC introduces a ton of new cosmetics and a couple maps. Then the latest DLC with its maps and weapons. Then they have the free stuff like the christmas/winter portraits or some other events they’ve done.

As shown here, grinding isn’t for everyone. Having unlockables that aren’t strictly grind based are nice.

At the end of the day, a company has to generate money to survive. Finding a balance that works for both the company and customers is important. Especially some kind of avenue that hopefully builds up the business and its success. DLC is one of the best ways to do that. As long as it’s not done in a predatory manner, I don’t mind(E.G. EA, Blizzard, Activision, etc.). Path of Exile(GGG) does a great job with what they do, for example, and have been fortunate enough to grow.

I would rather have better content than skins at the end of the day.

Certainly not if their focus is on pointless skins people are willing to pay for, despite tons of errors. If you think it is bad now, just wait until they are even more undermanned because kiddies want skins. Skins are not content, and have zero relevance to the game. At the end of the day you have to ask if you want actual content, or a focus on cosmetics. I want content, and cannot fathom why you would want a company to focus on skins instead of content.

In terms of balance, DLC is the balance. You have concrete objectives in order to earn skins. If getting clothes to wear is your main drive to playing this game, it is better off without you. What needs to be focused on is making the best experience possible, and selling skins is not in the best interest of the consumer.

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Define better content

At the moment? Cosmetics.

Skins are content, as to why I want skins? Doesn’t matter how you slice it the game is repetitive, yeah more maps would be cool, but we have a fair few to choose from and there are always things you can do to spice up your games, but I would rather have a bit more say in what my champion looks like.

pLaY 10 qUiCkPlAy mAtChEs fOr a cHaNcE aT a rEcOlOr.

Says you, one pleb in a sea of people that play the game. Also, why would you assume my only drive is getting skins, the gameplay is already fun but every balance update or bug fix just makes new bugs, at the end of the day the code is a mess and good luck fixing it.

The “objectives” are easy, the only fun to be had in the game is finding interesting ways to kill rats, do deeds, make it so your team only plays with melee, play with sub par loadouts, ect to try and spice up the game. Essentially you run out of things to do, may as well look cool while you do it.

Again, this is about the utilization of resources. Do you really want Devs focusing on skins, or content? The games second DLC is a big win in my book, as well as the BBB. I recently just received a message from a Dev on reddit stating they didn’t have time to even make an extremely small change to the game (see attached imagine). These people are swamped, and the last thing they need to focus on are skins.

Super glad to see them posting comments like these, rather than appealing to unnecessary cosmetics for people with more money than sense to flex with:

“Dude, 2019 is going to be a great year for slaying rats. We’re still full steam on V2. You’ll see a mix of regular updates with new ways of playing the game, free for everyone. As well as regular DLC content.” -Fatshark_Hans

I really don’t get where people keep saying they’re a small company, with limited resources. They have close to a 100 staff, and are currently buying smaller companies. Not to mention you can see their tax returns, cause Sweden. And it’s not like this is the only game they’ve ever made. They’ve produced a lot of games and worked on other ones with different companies.

We’re still going to see seasonal items, like frames and so on. But asking for a cash shop is a dangerous route. The Korean model is horrible and ends up with tons of micro-transactions. Still an in game currency would be better, they could even make it exp or deeds, etc. 2x drop cards would actually be useful for trying to get those hats. It’s not about being cheap, I understand some people will just want to buy everything instead of having to grind for it. I use to make maplestory accounts back in the day to sell because people are too lazy to lvl a character and would rather just have a high lvl character from the start.

Anyway, I’d rather FS just stay focused on upcoming content instead of breaking down skins or costumes to sell for micro-transactions.

Not really asking for a cash shop, the skins in the last game were just DLCs, not even asking for frequent skins, maybe just 1 per hero so we have some variety that isn’t boring recolors.

Not talking about hats, the hats are fine for the most part, minus being slightly boring.

Never said that either, its just unlikely we will get actual skins with their current model.

While a couple of very attractive cosmetics (and a reasonable price; a few dollars/euros/pounds for a batch with one for at least every character) might get me to shell out the money, I think in general things should be earnable one way or another in-game. Time-savers (a. k. a "pay to unlock these things you can unlock sensibly in-game) are their own thing; let the people who don’t want to grind but still actually care about things pay for opening everything. It’s not out of my pocket. But if single weapons or other things that give a distinct gameplay advantage (and is clearly meant to do so; the new weapons are arguably better-than-average but for now I’ll put that to them being new with both interest and balance, not real intention) are paid content (either as exclusively, or by skipping a lot of in-game hoops), things are going wrong. So yeah, if we get a cosmetic time-saver pack; whatever. Those who want to, pay. Exclusive paid cosmetics are irrelevant to me too; I view them equally as just supporting the devs as actually gaining something. Anything beyond that (besides actual DLCs that bring additional content to the game) get me to start boycotting.

True. But if you’ve followed the streams and other media, the Mondstill event was pretty much hacked out by a couple of guys in a few weeks, from scratch. The DLC was originally planned as the last event of the year, but they still got something extra for us. My hat’s off to the devs for that.

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