Hardest map in V2 legend

Just a fun discussion of what the community thinks are the harder maps in V2

Experienced legend players will all tell you those boss maps ie: halescourge, into the nest, war camp… aren’t actually that bad.

What I find consistently challenging on legend is the map Athel Yenlui. Huge areas, sprawling forests, multiple pathways for enemies to get to the party, always risk of being surrounded. IMO its the trickiest map sometimes.

I have a legend deed for this map with these fun modifiers: more elites, doubl dmg+health, search n destroy special spawns. I believe its the hardest deed i have seen in the game. Already this map is insane. Lol


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The two QPs seem to fail the most at are Athel Yenlui or Hunger in the Dark in my experience.

Hunger in the dark isnt that bad… athel yenlui is IMO like 5 times worse lol

Yea, it’s the most difficult. Hordes come from all directions, and theirs a lot of ambient SV and CWs in the first area.

Most teams that really struggle in the first wide open area, normally are fine once you enter the cave.

For pubs Athel
But Legend is easy on every map as long as you are two good players.
Good players are aware, know all melee mechanics and position well but don’t necessarily have to most cycles but they usually still have them.

I have that deed on legend with those conditions… my regular party has tried conquering it and we cant even get to the cave bro lol. Its SO hard.

i loved athel yenlui ever since the beta, i’m not too sure why people struggle on it so much. wide open spaces means you have full view of things, just sit back and snipe away at elites and specials, they can’t really hide much.

i notice that most people don’t know how to pace the map though. they prefer to rush into mobs of elites instead of pulling them from a safe distance. (throwback to how we used to clear difficult dungeons in wow)

Elites and Specials are somewhat easier (except Blightstormers, who have an even better view to you than usual, from outside of tagging range), but that’s where hordes get dangerous. Not much cover to funnel their directions, especially ambushes, and constant slopes make melee fighting more dangerous. Also several nasty locations for boss spawns. Yeah, Athel Yenlui has been a hard one for my group too.

Against the Grain is another one for similar reasons, but its hard part is the very beginning, at least. I think there was also another I’ve noticed a lot of failures in, but can’t remember which one. But to be honest, every map sees its share of successes and failures, and nearly all have some tight spots, so even the ones we find harder aren’t that much harder. More seems to depend on the day, how well we get into the game.

I’d say Athel Yenlui and Against the Grain rank number one and two, respectively. Skittergate has potential to be hard, also, since it is so long and has some areas where the AI director can just pull the plug, no matter what you do. Rasknitt can also be very annoying at times.

I tend to have hard spots on maps.

The start of Warcamp… that map has wiped me in that first valley more times than I care to think about.

Hunger in the dark… highest graphics settings… the dark section.

Athel yenlui - from the first grim to the second tome.

Skittergate - from the first grim to the second one.

Against the grain - take the time to clear the grain field at the start or suffer.

Convocation of decay - The spiral staircase, never ever fight on it

Oh and thankfully now fixed:
Halescurge: The ladder to the final tome in the tower… “No just leave me up here, For the love of god don’t follow me up… Make the game private, I’ll disconnect let me know when the bot teleports and I’ll reconnect…Whatdoyoumean I’m the host!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!”

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So true…

We all just leave our GFX on “low” light setting so we can see in the dark now.

I only have issues here when randoms pull the patrol over the first wall. 99.9% chance of their being a CW patrol there almost every legend game. Combined with the fact you nearly always get a boss there as well.

I actually call it the death spiral lol. Fighting on any stairs, or even elevated ground is never a good idea in this game. It’s the opposite of Star Wars, “It’s over, I have the high ground”, now I die…

You at least used to be able to hide up there. Now the CW patrol and boss will teleport up to you. LMAO

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Yeah I’m just stubborn, plus I find it amusing when I’m camping the cart for the light and someone throws one of the leavers… 10 seconds later everyone’s “WTF the carts gone…” and I’m like "Nope I’m just up here camping cart brightly lit goodness at the next barrier… "

I only play legend so I get much the same. The patrol agros, anda boss spawn and someone, usually ranged, though not always gets pushed out into the field where they dodge kite around the whole area… (On the occasions where its’s me being pushed I’ve been known to deliberately die rather than do that.,(not so much now though, I’m beginning to enjoy the screaming) While the the dwarf is also forced out there and spends the next 5 mins running around lost and confused while an assassin hunts him in some kind of vermintide predator remake, leaving the poor player stuck in some kind of PTSD funk for the rest of the game.

And fun was had by all… well my sadistic streak anyway, and I promise I never mention that it would only take 30 seoncds to clear that field from the starting fence…


lol yea i got stuck there for a few seconds and i got really scared that i couldn’t come down. can’t recall the technique to climb down, hopefully i won’t get stuck there anymore. i usually get 1st or 2nd tome by then so i won’t have to fiddle with the ladder opening.

The whole ladder setup is completely different now. (ladders in general suck anyway, you get on them when you don’t want too and cant get on them when you want to… In my experience its best if you sidle up nonchalantly and take them by surprise. )

The technique that worked for me was was.

  1. start with your back to the ladder and hole.
  2. Back slowly across the ladder/hole until your cursor shows you’re on the ladder.
  3. look down
  4. Press forwards and proceed down the ladder.

you know it’s really sad when someone has to make a tutorial on how to bypass a ladder. LOL

thanks man. will remember this if i get stuck

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Like I said, the ladder has been fixed now. that technique is no longer applicable, and would not work with the current set up :slight_smile:

The new tutorial reads.

  1. Come to forum
  2. Rave about how easy the ladder is now :smiley:

What I hate about Hotel of Louis is that stupid patrol marching up and down river area, right before big forest

Athel Yenlui is actually quite easy.

I played during the beta back in February and that was the first map we played for 2 weeks straight. During the beta we could only play Recruit but my friends and I played it so much that we figured out a few tips and tricks on how to beat it.

-Hug the walls: This sounds silly but if you ever played The White Rat on Cataclysm then you know what I mean.

-Stay together but don’t crowd each other: When people bunch too closely together during a horde, then everyone can get downed simultaneously. Stay within a few feet of each other.

-Boss + Horde: This is one of few maps that always guarantees a boss plus horde. Biggest mistake people make on this map is to go full Rambo on boss and ignore the horde. The horde will overwhelm you and you will all die. Have 1 person hold aggro on boss by kiting them away from the group and then dodging around in a semi-circle (prevents you from getting too far away from team). Not too close to where the boss will change aggro but also not too far away to where your team can’t get to you if you get pinned. While the boss is busy, the other can chop down the horde and then assist with boss.

-Event: One person aligns the crystals while the other 3 are in the center. I don’t know if this has been patched but if you have 3 people in the center area, the only enemies that will bother the person aligning the crystals are the few rats that drop down. Those can be sniped by your sniper. Have one person protecting the person doing the event, while the other 2 protects the sniper. Ofc trying to get a PUG to do this is awful. Don’t hold your breath.

When everyone in your group has a designated role, that map becomes super easy. Unfortunately, we have too many greedy people chasing green circles like their lives depend on it so that is why this map is so difficult.

The map is team-oriented so if your team is not working together, it becomes unbearable to play.

Side Note: Have you ever noticed that the person with all the green circles is usually the first one who gets downed or dies?

On Legend which is all I play, the AI director shoves that patrol down your throat 90% of the time. You can always expect to run into it.

Athel Yenlui/Hunger in the dark / Skittergate are pretty much my top 3 when it comes to “oh we prob going to wipe at some point”

Athel for simple fact that every single pub seems to split and die, Hunger in the dark the dark areas are just pain due to people misplaying cart section and finally skittergate boss just seems to be impossible for some people due to adds.