Athel Yenlui Grimoir 1

I can’t think of another Grimoir in the game that requires as much of an unavoidable time investment as this one. Sure the ones with jumping puzzles can potentially take a while, but they can also be done in a few seconds.

This one tough adds up to 15 minutes to the map on Legend compared to going straight from Tome 1 to Tome 2. Because the amount of extra distance you need to run to get to it and back easily results in 2~3 horde spawns, same number of Special sets and tons of idle enemies. Not only that, but the areas you cross through for it are not the best to be fighting in as there are very few natural choke points and almost no resources.

2nd Grim of Warcamp is the 2nd highest unavoidable time investment Grim and it doesn’t compare to this one. It’s a minute or two at the most of extra time to the level, which means at worst you get either a extra horde or set of specials. 1st of Convication of Decay can take a minute or two of extra time depending on switch pattern, but again, doesn’t compare to 5~15 mins for Athel first grim.

Now I get that it was placed there to force players to traverse the admittedly nice forest, but balance wise it’s an absolute outlier. The easiest fix would be to add maybe one more decent resource node on to way to or from it’s position, or to move it slightly closer. But as it is, unless you’re in a highly coordinated group, I see no reason to risk so much for this grim.

I think if they were to tune down the specials spawn it would be better. And I hope it is smth we’ll see in the next patch. But you’re right, it takes a lot of time, and I would add that uneven terrain as a problem: fighting downhill makes packmasters so deadly!

I can only agree, backtracking is one hell of an annoying thing to do in vermintide. Though I think V2 is in a good spot, but perhaps its because Im used to the dungeons of V1, where you had to backtrack half a map twice for a tome and a grim.

The idea of the map is that it’s large and more open than any other map they’ve done, so it makes sense for them to make you go over the entire map and look at it all. It’s pretty nice.

On Legend we tend to skip this grim and hug right, as going for it usually leads to 2-3 hordes and without many places to bunker it means your health is staggered, which puts you closer to a wipe. Especially if you get a boss before the cave.

Not sure what to suggest for this grim. Maybe it’s just on players to git good and find better routes and bunker spots?

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Which route are you taking? The way you describe it is seems like you take T1 and hug right, then cross?

Quickest on Legend, IMHO, is get T1, backtrack and hug left over G1 all the way to T2 (that I’ve never managed fullbook on The Tempest / Athel Yenlui on Legend is another matter, but atleast getting through the forest has never been the issue, but rather unlucky spawns and players separation around G2 (lets all do one brick each! ^^))

What seems to be the best route for it is to get T1, hug left hand wall to G1, then come back along the same path to more or less where T1 was and hug right to T2, since hugging left all the way around after G1 almost always fails.

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This is pretty much the only safe way to do it. In Champ you can just take a straight path to the grim from the first tome, then head straight through the wilds to the second tome. I think the biggest problem in Legend is the increase in ambient elites.
I think this grimoire alone makes Athel Yenlui the most difficult non-boss map right now. Even without going for the grim the wilds seem to be one of the most common points of failure in the game.

Love this map

Get the first tome first, as there are often ready pickups along the way. Afterward, first move forward along the mountain a bit for more pickups, then cut directly across for the grim. There will be another crate on the way there in the middle of the forest.

After the grim, move forward and towards the middle and make for the tilted arch for more potential pickups. There will sometimes be a pickup on the left mountainside which can be scouted while on the way to the arch; once you’ve seen one you’ll know where it is

I always just hug the wall on the side with the grim, then cut down across the valley. There are enough spots along the wall you seem to be able to use to cover your rear - the only time I experience a lot of difficulty is when people don’t hug the wall - inevitably a horde comes and people die.