Hardest map in V2 legend

My least favorite maps on Legend:

Convocation of Decay
Fort Brusselsprouts (for some weird reason typing the actual name is censored???)

Into the nest is my worst map.

Always get wiped when we reach the rat nest.

War Camp, Athel and Against The Grain are noticably more difficult.

Into The Nest is an interesting one. Once you learn which corners not to push into and to take certain routes it feels easier. The others are harder because of their randomness. Some of the ambushes in the open can wipe you without people who stack or know how to survive that.

I think Into the Nest difficulty can spike, like most every level in the game. What I find really depends on 2 things: how the AI director throws the party and spawns an ambush horde in the open area just before the nest area mid game, and exactly where and when the AI director throws you a boss. If the AI director throws you a boss in that tight area mid horde traversing that sequence of steps, thats a very difficult situation to survive right there. Its much more survivable mid horde if it spawns in the beginning before or along the bridge. Thats all I find hard about Into the Nest, very situational.

What I mean is that the threat level (which is a term I like to call it because I cannot think of any other) can vary greatly from one level to the next.

Some levels can be really easy at times because the AI director goes to sleep and does not spawn stuff. Then some games the AI director can be a murderous asswipe and spawn such ridiculous enemies that the overall threat level is barely survivable. Every map can be like this.

Like there are some spots in every map when you can just chalk it up to absolutely horrible luck. The few times in Blightreaper, near the beginning and not in any open area, we had chaos spawn miniboss in the tight dark tunnels, while horde was incoming. Like one time I had this situation happen and I was stuck dealing with rats trying to poke me from both sides, it was dark I cannot see, and then I have Mr Chaos spawn trying to eat me in my face like what am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go? Just accept being eaten I guess. I can’t kite anywhere because I am blocked by rats trying to poke me. Its not even really anything other than the AI director deciding that it wants me dead. Most times that situation was a wipe unless it was close enough to one of the open areas in the tunnels. It just depends exactly where and what, the game is random like that.

I don’t have much trouble with maps consistently but Athel Yenlui seems to be consistently difficult along with War Camp. Other maps it depends on where minibosses spawn and those deadly wonky patrol mechanics. Patrols are not always avoidable. Sometimes you try your best and theres no avoiding it. The terrible boss spawn in super tight areas can spell doom on a party as well as those terrible patrols that the game does not allow you to avoid - these are the main difficulty spikes that cause my wipes. In general, open area maps with lots of multi-level ground can be hard and then on top of it, those line of sight specials and disablers can really cause some deadly damage to the party. Gas and stormers that seem to be ultra perfectly positioned mid horde can sometimes be enough to wipe an entire party. Also got to love those packmasters that suddenly appear mid horde without warning and drag you through 40 zombies that instantly eat you alive and kill you from full health, especially right through a door you are covering. Can’t even shoot the damn rat because he is blocked by all his zombie buddies from all sides.

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