Question: Are Chaos Wastes Harder on Purpose?

My Ubersreik four (or five; doesn’t matter) has recently dived back into Chaos Wastes. We’re usually Cata-competent in Quickplays. If we want a challenge, we launch a deed in Cata or roll random characters and comps. Both of those can get pretty dicey.

Chaos Wastes on Legend feels like a Cata deed. Am I the only one that thinks this? At the very least, a Legend Chaos Wastes is WAAAY harder than a Legend quickplay. It’s like everything went up a difficulty tier, or more. We can clear a Champion Chaos Wastes consistently, but on Legend, if we’re not all executing like superheroes, we’ll fail in the first couple of maps.

I’m just confused as to why Fatshark would create a Legend difficulty in Chaos Wastes that is nowhere near the experience of a vanilla Legend quickplay. Sure, make it a little more challenging so that it’s fun, but what we have is like another universe. Do we know if that’s by design? Or did it just kind of end up that way?

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Thing with CW runs is that the difficulty varies, it varies a whole damn lot.

  1. Enemy spawns
  2. Boons
  3. Modifiers
  4. Supplies

And probably more that i cant name off the top of my head, so in short, the selected difficulty can be -1 or +2 or really just the selected level.


It might be the weapon power and the weapon traits then. The weapon balance for normal Legend is overkill and depending on weapon does not need much thought outside of lmb spam.

In the Chaos Wastes you start with lower power and without traits. This means that enemies don’t die as fast and don’t stagger as much. This means your positioning and dodging has to be more concise. Although this should be circumvented by less enemies overall in the beginning of the Wastes. It would also explain why Champion appears much easier because even the weakened weapons are powered enough to dispatch enemies easily.

However, this should only happen in the beginning of the Wastes (think first two maps). By then you should upgraded the weapon and not have the issue any longer. If you die more often in the later half, it might be because you don’t upgrade the weapons. Although there are so many good boons that even with white weapons it should be manageable. In the later half, it could also be the modifiers and the special spam of the game though you are pretty powerful yourself by then.

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I do think we had a string of bad luck, accentuated by iffy RNG with the early boons and weapon rolls. But, thinking back, most (certainly not all) of our failed runs occurred at monster chests, particularly in the first and second maps. So maybe we’re still learning, AND the monster chests aren’t balanced as well as the rest of CW. We’ve died to banners and gas rats and dual monsters and who knows what else. Some of the monster chests are easy; some of them are ridiculous by comparison. Feels like FS should tweak which monster chest spawns are able to occur in the first two maps; or they could tweak the more difficult spawns to contain fewer monsters. Lots of options.

In normal campaign mode, you can choose your gear and talents to sync up, and there are no curses. You can create a build to hit Legend breakpoints for easy one-shot kills.

In the chaos wastes with difficult curses like Khorne’s champions, Tzeentch’s lightning, +specials, etc., even 3 or 4 missions in, you can find yourself in extremely difficult situations like fighting 2 monsters and 8 specials; never will you face that in normal campaign mode and, of course, up to a few missions in, you don’t have great weapons.

On top of that, it’s fairly common to get mediocre boons that don’t suit your build and weapon properties and traits that are also crappy. I can bot solo Legend in campaign mode easily with all the books and no curse resistance with any character, and with my friends in Cataclysm Campaign mode we usually win about 9/10 games, but on Legend Chaos Wastes, it’s about 2/3 with friends, about 1/10 without.

I’ve been playing this mod called Peregrinaje: Misfortunes with friends. I highly recommend it over the normal Chaos Wastes. Of course, you won’t get rewards, but my friends and I all have plenty of red items now. If you’re in that boat and want to play for fun, I highly recommend Peregrinaje. It stopped working during the anniversary event, and it probably will break again with the Mage Tower update on the 28th, but Isaak will fix it, and when he does, that’s probably the only thing me and my friends will play besides the new mission. Playing Peregrinage on Legend with 200% twitch mode: downright glorious.

If the chests are the issue then there is an easy way to avoid it :stuck_out_tongue: Is it all the chests? If it is only specific chests there is a point which can help. Namely that chests are not completely random. Your map modifiers have influence on which chest event will trigger.

For example if you have +Monster, then the chest will always have a monster. If you have Skaven, Chaos then the monster in addition will be of this faction. If the map has +Specials and Skaven, Beastmen then there is a high chance to get Team Banner. It is not perfect but it makes the chests a bit more predictable. A summary of all possible chest events and their respective modifiers can be found here:


If youre cata competent then i guess youve got many hours and a nice build in adventure.

When i first ventured into chaos wastes as sienna i was going self inflicted BOOM far more often as i was so -unconciously- used to the slower heat gen and various little buffs that CW felt much harder without those things id been used to.

Apart from rng, i dont think its harder other than uoure missing what uoure used to. This was certainly true for me.

You are thorough, sir. Thanks for posting this. I was unaware that the map modifiers affected monster chest events.

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Fair enough. I’m a little shy of 1,500 hours. I’ve played -a lot- of deeds and am not used to having my backside handed to me so soundly. We’ll keep at it.

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Honestly, I don’t even like the Chaos Wastes. Too little reward, too much risk, and too much time invested into a single run. As mentioned above the difficulty also varies greatly due to RNG. You may get OP boons in one run, but in the next run you might get lousy boons and you’re going up against strong curses. It just demands too much time and work for too little of a pay off, combined with the inconsistent difficultly makes me dislike the Chaos Waste greatly.

I also think it’s needed to be said but I really do not like the level design in the Chaos Wastes either. I can’t think of one Chaos Waste map I genuinely liked. You also don’t even get to keep your pilgrim coins from previous runs. So I just don’t like it.

Aye CW is hard - much harder than Campaign. You need to go through more carefully and keep looking around - not just rush, rush, rush. And y the boons can have a big impact.
The inconsistent difficulty can be frustrating but also appealing. You never know what comes next.
But in the final map I would like to get a hard, more consistent endfight (maybe depending on your boons/traits). Sometimes its really odd.
Overall I like this mode very much. Its a refreshing alternative to easy campaign.
Give CW a chance, especially if ure bored by playing campaign - it is a really cool gamemode! Like a new kind of game :slight_smile: