General Suggestions Discussion

This is kind of a mix of suggestions, observations and grumbles. Feel free to add your own ideas.



Momentum jumping:
This may be a big ask, but keeping momentum while in the air or jumping is really inconsistent. E.g. a Boss can launch you for miles, but jumping with a Speed Pot slows you down completely. This even effects Movement Speed.

Momentum jumping and shooting in the air is something that I personally enjoy in games, and definitely think it would fit as a skillful technique in V2. It is slightly doable now, but keeping more momentum would benefit it a lot.

It already feels fun to do this by blocking Bosses moving attacks, switching weapon and shooting them.

Disabler escapes:
Gutter Runners can noclip through the back of 10 Chaos Warriors, please give me a way of breaking out, after a certain duration.

Minigame? Active reload? W/e that action sequence thing is where you press ‘X’ when it pops up on the screen?

Grail Knight’s Riposte effect on the Bretonnian Greatsword is incredibly fun. I’d love to see more of that in the game.

Unique CC effects are fun too.

Special Attacks:

Are Special Attacks Saltzpyre only?
These could work as general support ideas too, but even if it’s a low amount, these things could be fun.

  • Weapon Power ups/short term buffs on a cooldown with a voiceline
  • Stances
  • Sprint Stance
  • Overcharge Vent
  • Apply Poison
  • Give everyone in the group flaming weapons for a short period on a cooldown
  • Ripostes
  • Ranged Attacks on Melee Weapons
  • Melee Attacks on Ranged Weapons
  • Never ending tag (this could just be a support function in general, or wall hacks for a period)
  • Tag that adds a debuff to the enemy and adds a special colour to it. WHC?
  • Double tag
  • Prepare and armour piercing attack
  • Enemy debuffs (taunting/mocking/intimidating them)
  • CC
  • Ranged Attacks being part of combos, like if Rapier’s shot was Light 4. A push-attack shotgun blast would be cool


These are some interactions I tested, that I was a bit sad or just thought it would improve the game to see them added.

Make WPoS Career Skill (Shield) benefit from Off Balance, if the WPoS equips a Weapon with that Trait, before using it. It would give WPoS a bit more support, and increase some of his damage output. It would mainly make Off Balance worth taking on a single Career and be a unique mechanic interaction for him.

Switching to your Off Balance Weapon before shielding someone tanking a Boss or Elites, so they can do more damage would make it feel even more significant.

Make CROWBILL Light 4’s Burn afflict more enemies than one. Possibly improves the Weapon by giving it a form of AoE for Cata and Cata+, without making it Cleave or lose it’s character.

Improves the: Push-Attack > L3 > L4 combo

I actually forgot to mention what weapon I was even talking about in this. lol

Outcast Engineer:
Make Piston Power work with Trollhammer Torpedo’s shove, the same way it does with the Grudgerakers Bash. This is likely something they just forgot about.

Grail Knight:
Add map events or something else to the Quest to kill a Boss for more Career Skill regen. You can have this quest and not get a Boss on the entire map.

Kill a Boss or Patrol (‘x’ amount of Elites in ‘x’ amount of time)?
Kill a Boss or complete the map event?

For the love of Sugmar, fix the Bretonnian Sword and Shield Push-Attack range.

Sister of The Thorn:
With Repel, decide whether the amount of Repel-Pushes you want fits with the Half-Cost Push from SnD and Daggers, or from her other Weapons and change accordingly.

The Stamina Regen with Half-Cost Pushes makes SnD and DD way better and more fun. Other weapons with less Dodge Distance and Dodge Count, have to block more often, doubling the effect of having full cost Pushes, in high enough density, you’ll likely get one Repel Push a fight.

Either make the initial Push Half-Cost for all of her Weapons, while using Repel, or do something to mitigate it from SnD and DD.

Dual Wield benefits too much again. :sleeping:

Weapon crossovers:

So, I’ve used Any Weapon mod to test some of these and see which would work, and which would still be thematic or in character. I don’t know much about the lore or have access to any rulebooks or descriptions of equipment. Mostly I check the Warhammer wiki and see if there’s models using the Weapons (obviously people make their own unique models, but I mean Zealot is going around with dual wield shotguns, so :woman_shrugging:)


  • 1H Axe
  • If you add Greataxe to Huntsman, do not add it to his melee Careers as it’s too OP

Falchion is decent and Repeater Pistol is too OP on him.

While Crossbow seems like an obvious choice for Kruber in general, Repeater Handgun does the same job more clumsily. It would actually be insanely broken on Huntsman (Hunter), but probably not too bad on FK and Merc, but Handgun wouldn’t get used anymore.

Outcast Engineer:

Grail Knight:

SoTT(lore)/WS( :woman_shrugging:)/Shade(make Exploit Weakness useful):

  • 1H Dagger or 1H Fire Sword style Weapon with unique combos and Poison. Obviously don’t copy the Heavy 1 spam

“The Sisters far prefer to kill with javelin or knife where they can, that they might see the fear fade from their victim’s dying eyes.”

Handmaiden doesn’t need more Stagger, and I’m not sure the Poison spam would be super thematic.


  • 1H Mace

The only depiction of a WHC using a mace I could find was a Mordheim model: Mordheim - Witch Hunter Captain 4 | My finished Witch Hunter… | Flickr

Balance-wise, it keeps with the mobility, adds a bit of Stagger, you don’t spam headshot Crits. 1H Mace doesn’t have the highest damage, so spam Staggering and Bleeding things to death on a squishy Career didn’t feel strong.

Dual Maces would be really strong due to the horizontal Light Attack spam.

Also Flails; Push > Block cancel > Light 1 > Light 2, always felt really clunky on him, due to it’s speed.


  • Bardin’s Throwing Axe

It works in it’s current state, which is considered weak on Bardin, but is just a decent close range Elite killer on BH, that lets you get Hunter up for Melee, or ammo back with Scrounger.

It’s single-target, and has low Boss/CW damage with a high reload speed, so there’s no risk of it becoming super versatile.

Just any Melee or Ranged Weapons at all. Lower the damages and attach a Burn effect, or anything. She has the lowest Weapon count of any Character.

Flail and Dual Maces?

New weapon suggestions:

When I play tanky Careers or more melee focused Careers, I want a Ranged Weapon I don’t really have to worry about. On Handmaiden Moonbow is a perfect example; I just focus on staying in melee.

Trollhammer Torpedo is another good example.

You haven’t tried to make an old Career double melee yet, so it would be interesting to see that tried (I’ll probably do some testing), but for Tanks like Foot Knight and Bardin, I’d suggest something like a War Banner or War Drum or War Horn, which are a long cooldown buff or proximity area. With the Banner it would have a strong effect, but if you don’t carry it, you can lose it for the entire map. Kruber is a Bestigor. The voicelines for these could be fun.

Kruber obviously also needs a Grenade Launching Blunderbus Horde clear + Stagger with a low ammo count and high reload?

For WHC, a Saber:

On Kerillian the Dagger idea stands out most, as it would be more unique, as noone else uses poisons.

Pole Flail or Flail and Shield or Flail with multiple heads. Could be good on GK too.



  • Double Headed Axe and Shield (similar to Sword and Shield)


Dual Wield
I’ve 'ad enough a Dual Wield, mate.

Dodge Distance, Dodge Count, Cleave, Elite/Boss damage, Armour Pen, Half-Cost Pushes and Attack Speed.

An’ 'ere they go again:

Double Stacks from Heavy Attacks (IF THEY CLEAVE IT’S DOUBLED):

  • THP
  • CDR
  • Stagger? Question mark
  • Zealot’s Smite, Flagellant’s Zeal, Faith’s Flurry
  • WPoS Righteous Fury damage
  • Merc Helborg’s Tutelage
  • Slayer Trophy Hunter
  • Outcast Engineer Combined Arms
  • Shade Ult damage, double kills (kind of unique to her though), Exquisite Huntress
  • SoTT and WHC bleeds

Adding these threads:


What they could start with in terms of weapon crossovers is giving vanilla Kruber shielded weapons a Bretonnian shield variant illusion.
I guess they don’t want to allow Empire careers to use bret heraldry, but they are already allowing Grail Knight to use Empire symbols with this (not to mention the cheeky hammer symbol hidden on his armour). :man_shrugging:

My guess is they are super restricted by GW though. They are really, -really- sensitive about this stuff.

+1 for jumping momentum, the slowdown always suprises me somehow.


It’s kind of sad to think that some of these weapons could be in use now, but they just need skins first. :sweat_smile:

Oh, I wasn’t. I think it may actually be true for some weapons.

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Nice ideas =)

Just one comment, special attacks are not Saltspyre’s only. You have special attacks with Kerillian, Kruber, and Sienna (just Kruber if you don’t count zooms as special attacks). But yeah most notorious ones are from Victor, so there is a bias xD


Hey, don’t mock. I like to be thematicaly consistent.

I prefer sword and shield to bret shield, but I really don’t like mixing Empire weaponry with the Grail Knight.

Edit: I think Victor could use a plain old musket.


There isn’t really a Musket at this time, maybe the Jezzail, which though most would associate with the Skaven also is part of the Araby weaponry or the Hochland Long Rifle from the Empire’s Engineer Guild of Altdorf


If we get 1 pack:
Kruber: Grenade Launcher Blunderbuss (Available for Merc, Hunter and Footknight)
Bardin: Whirling Blades of Death/Doomseeker (Initially Slayer only but I could see them have it for Ranger and Engineer since they aren’t really in the holds so they can have more liberties, also it’s a “ranged” kit and not a melee one)
Kerillian: Exe. Sword of Har Ganeth (All)
Saltz: Comet Flail (2h Flail with multiple heads) (All)
Sienna: 2h Axe “Aksha” (All) (If Dlc is Myrmidia Themed); Spear and Shield (If other)

Sienna Premium Career Dlc:

If Myrmidia themed

Myrmidia’s theme are usually a Great Sword (Which she is often depicted using) and a Spear paired with a Shield:
Spear and Shield: Maybe have the special attack be some sort of animated shield attack (Elementals)
Flaming Great Sword: 2h Flaming Sword

If themed wholly around Aqshy

Aksha: 2h Flaming Great Axe

Flaming Gauntlet:

Like the Flaming Sword heavy 2 Her block would be set around Fires of U’Zhul “reflexive bolt of fire that is shorter range than a Fire ball, but quite potent”, so it would also increase her heat by block)

Staff of Sanguine Sword:

Sanguine Sword: Summon up to 6 Etheraeal Sword that fly toward the Caster’s target (Can be changed upon whim)
Think Zenyatta in Overwatch

Crimson Bands

Throw melted chains at the enemy singeing them and restricting their movement (Either as a special attack for the Flaming Gauntlet or a staff in conjuction with Fulminating Flame Cage)

If we get a 2nd pack:
Kruber: Cav. Pistol and Sword (Not GK) , acting similar to the Saltz’s Rapier or Flail and Shield (All)
Bardin: Steamdrill (All, come from the Miner Champion, the Prospector) or something runic
Kerillian: Beastmaster Spear and Whip (All, think of Rakhart the Beast Master from the Dark Elfs)
Saltz: No idea
Sienna: One of the weapon not chosen already


The whips and chain weapons are something I think FS will do an amazing job with. Could even have a pull effect like Billhook.

Get Over here

If it can do it on FF

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Musket/handgun/rifle, its all semantics. Long barreled black powder projectile weapon.

I generally don’t love flails, but I think 2H flail would be super thematic for zealot and if Fatshark could make GW give ok for WP to use it as well, I would be happy.

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Kruber really needs more ranged options.
I would like some big clunky crossbow.
Long reload, good cleave good stagger.

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Is there a bigger version of the Crossbows for humans? I guess Saltz has a Volley Crossbow.

Also I just saw this quad barrel shotgun for Engi: aaaaaaaaaaa

They do have stocks though.

They’ve been updating it for years, but every time me and my friends go to play it a different game gets updated, so we play that instead.

Yeah, this is why I said double headed axe and shield, because I didn’t see any pics of dawis using swords. Do they?

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Oooh Age/Return of Reckoning, love the game (or what the folks are doing with it now anyway).

Though Bardin already has a double-barrel, I doubt Fatshark would give him yet another shotty.
Might not actually even be a good idea to saturate the game with dozens of sidegrades in my opinion.

I would rather a weapon that has its little niche.


Isn’t that a pair of Pepperbox Pistols ?

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Yeah Kruber could use an arblast, I think its been suggested many times here. A heavy crossbow wound with a crank, low drop and a slightly slower speed like 9000 u/s but high cleave, and a reload somewhere near old handgun. High finesse curve like the longbow and high bodyshot damage, but like 12 bolts.

His grenade launcher is another obvious choice, since it has a beautiful model sitting in the pile of unused assets from VT1/this game. I’d also like to see pistols for Kruber, less gunslingy than Saltzpyre’s and less clunky than masterwork pistol seems like an unfilled niche. Considering these pistols are projectiles and not hitscan they’d provide something new. Or give them to Bardin since the Slayer skin has a set that look amazing going unused.

Speaking of Bardin I think he could use a maul, something that’s basically a polearm with an axe head/pull. He is completely lacking in reaching weapons at the moment and it’d feel close enough to an axe. It’d also be cool if he got a one hand sword/shield, something with a good combination of bashes/armor hits/sweeps like that wonderful bretonnian sword and shield. Since they’re so fussy on what he gets.

For Saltzpyre I’d like a saber, the inspiration for his latest premium cosmetic (and career) as one. Could still pair up with a pistol to differ it up from the falchion. I think a sword weapon with single target lights is missing from the game, have it use its push/main heavies for crowd control and drop a single target heavy at the end that can combo from the lights.

He could also use a Hochland long rifle, maybe make it have no zoom and a bash that does strong single target damage to give him something new, and a buck/ball loading like the BH ult so its good on crowds.


Isn’t that not what the Cogaxe already is ? (Hammer and Axe head)


Yeah its a pretty wide area they can theory craft in. I was thinking more along the lines of a halberd with a curved spike and axe head, but on a reasonably lengthed weapon overall, since coghammer is tiny. Bardin needs something long.

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Fist weapons is something we haven’t seen yet too. If they would even work.

ofc they could work

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Honestly I would give it to Sienna, having magically charged chains, maybe having even some ranged attack
Maybe Fulminating Flame Cage or Crimson Band (Either AoE slow or Single Target Slow attack)

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I don’t think warhammer dwarves use swords. I know only of one reference and those were salvaged elven daggers after the war of the ancients.

Though I have not read their army book so feel free to correct me.