WPoS Improvement suggestions

WPoS is a great character that I personally was waiting in the game as power crept from other premium characters and I was wishing that there was a character that would be really strong a fun but not just another damage Mary Sue (Talking to you, SoT)
Still, the character feels a bit off at the moment and there are so many thoughtful suggestions, I just feel like I need to add my bit.

  1. Righteous fury - feels up way too slow to be used on difficulties other than Cataclysm, and it’s bad because a character must be inclusive so it is fun to play for everyone. Not all players enjoy Cataclysm experience and buying the character and then realizing that it is only fun on difficulties you don’t play is a rotten deal and a big no-no in game design. Then, when it is finally filled it is usually not needed anymore because there’s nothing left to damage it with. So bar upfill rate improvement would be nice. Some people suggest manual activation, but since it is passive and there’s no proper trigger for in, I’ll pass on that. Just make it fill faster and decay slower

  2. Stagger options - If we pose WPoS as a control character that is not about damage but about having great staggering control, I really feel that he lacks Boss Stagger options. It’s easy to add as either tome and hammer 2nd Charged Heavy option or as a 35lvl talent option

  3. Movement improvement: as a front-line character he really lacks options to be upfront and not back slacking. Besides, other melee careers, like Slayer and GrailKnight have the means to cover the distance between them and priority targets like specials. Grail Knight has walking speed and Slayer can leap and also throwing axes. WPoS has no options towards ranged high priority targets other than 'HELP!" on Social Wheel.
    Having enough skill WPoS can deal with most specials BUT his nemeses right now are Warpfire Throwers and Ratting Gunners as WPoS has no options whatsoever to deal with them since he suffers knockback and has no movement options to cover the distance in a short time. For me, there’s an easy and obvious solution to make his Ult not only negate damage but also negate ranged knockback. Nice and easy solution without the need to fiddle further, besides, It feels like it was already supposed to be there.

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Doesn’t the 8 second talent do exactly that? Definitely works for warpfire.

Yes, but I feel like it must be innate property, not a 30lvl option to be traded with revive or double bubble.
I suggest switch the first option to be able to trample through lesser enemies AND improve the bubble burst to be able to knockback monsters, which would automatically solve the boss stagger option problem. Also a huge incentive to be comparable with double bubble and revive, and therefore another viable and desireble option - make it so 1st option also makes you immune to ANY knockback including monsters, CW or gutter runner pounce on nearby teammate

I love the character a lot. But it needs robes
lots and lots of holy robes. And cowls. DEFINITELY cowls

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