Proposal for possible rework of WPoS

Everyone is agree that WPoS needs a bit of tweaking to make the career to stand out. There are wonderful suggestions out there and this one is a bit over the top, because it is a rework, not tweaking. Still, I’d like to share my thoughts.
Basically, I suggest drawing from Zarya experience as an inspiration for the rework and connect his ultimate with his passive to work in synergy.
Make it so The Shield of Faith draws power from the damage it absorbs whether from yourself or your teammate. And then make it so the amount of damage absorbed adds to his Righteous Rury meter, or, alternatively, as one of the talent, to his ability recharge. that way smart use of his active ability greatly benefits both the survivability of the team and his own damage potential. That would also solve his low damage and made the gameplay process way more fun as players flow seamlessly from shielding to fury and back. That would also increase WPoS players strategic and team based gameplay as placing the bubble on someone getting hit hard and not saving it for yourself is anyway beneficial because the more damage the bubble absorbs, the more fury is charged and therefore, their own damage output increases.

What are your thoughts?

That it would lead to cheese with people deliberating taking damage similar to Zealot in a game where damage avoidance should be the main mantra. I understand the intention, however I have very severe doubts that this will be really leading to strategic gameplay.
In worst case it would increase egoistical choices by taking the 8s talent and using it on oneself just to be sure to get the Righteous Fury increase. After all, your noble cast on an ally could be “wasted” by him actually dodging and blocking.

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