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The older editions of the Table Tops did feature Dwarf Warriors with Sword, Flail, Maces, and even a Halberd like Pike and a Flaming Sword

You can find them on my profile under Bardin’s Next Weapons


Addemdum: this were during the editions where they hadn’t already developed the various differences from the lore

The only Lore case of a Dwarf using a Sword is an Imperial Dwarf who use one

Also, though unclear the Grudgebringer now seem to be a Dwarf artifact but still is a sword


I mean all the Runefangs are dwarf artifacts, but they were meant as a gift to humans.
The problem here is that all of it has to go through GW, so I see it as super unlikely to happen.

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Well that’s right but the Runefang were made for the humans, while in the new lore (WFRPG 4edition) it describe the Grudgebringer as a family heirloom

I would suggest something like this:

I hear this guy creates some pretty cool stuff…




An Elf self praising.

That must be usual


Does anybody have any idea how the Doomseeker and the Steamdrill could work ?

Like personally I would consider the Doomseeker as “Ranged” weapon, in the second slot

More illusions for the back to ubersreik weapons please.


Quoting myself from another thread:

  • Career base HP values listed on the career selection menu, alongside the hidden bonuses that some careers have (according to the wiki).

  • An option to make all flashy/opaque effects used by allies partially transparent. The ranger veteran smoke bomb already works like that, so maybe some of Sienna’s flashier fire spells and the SoTT hedge could too.

  • Block Miracle of Smednir from appearing on shrines right before the final boss. Actually had some guy buy it a few days ago. Don’t know of he was a newb or trolling.

  • An ‘Unequip from all characters’ button.

  • Do something with Curse Resistance. It’s either very powerful or literally useless, depending on whether you pick up grims or not. Maybe have some enemies (old or new) inflict Curse somehow (temporary or permanent)? Or have some powerful abilities/talents inflict Curse on the user as a drawback.

  • Nerf Blessed Blade. It can borderline oneshot Lords on Champ with the right talents.

  • If they decide to overhaul the base game and/or WoM progression systems, I hope they don’t make them cross over.
    I understand why people are frustrated by two completely separate progression lines, but I would hate it if people with the DLC (myself included) could go back to the base game at level 50 with custom 900 Power god-weapons (or whatever) and just stomp everything. That’s how expansions work in MMO’s like World of Warcraft, but those are designed to be almost mandatory purchases.


  • -skiplauncher
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Any illusion in Louner`s shop for 1000 shilings.

Power Fist Punch for Engineer.

Just thought. Hats that are no hats, so that all skins work or have some variation. Like Kruber’s ‘The Veteran’ beard.

Sienna with a Cooking pot helmet

But also a Sienna with Flaming eyes


I also would like a dynamic Premium Skin, where the overall look is tied to the heat level

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I would also like to suggest a Ping indicator in the lobby browser

I don’t have anything against playing games outside my region during off-peak hours, but it takes a decent amount of time to join in, view ping, and then leave and start the search over if its too high.


i usally sort as “near” as erope usally has enough games around the clock but i still often get in games above 90 ping sometimes more than 150 ping. thats quite high considering i live in central europe (germany) you’d think the ping towards other european countries would be lower

would be cool if “Near” would also limit maximum ping to 80 or smthing

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