V2 gestures/emotes sugestion and Ideas to improve the weaves

Ever since sienna pyromancer headseeker animation was improved, if you cancel it, you can make sienna clap, i use it sarcastically at times and it rendered a few good laughs, i was thinking why the hell doesn’t this game have emotes? not the fortnite kind but gestures (like dark souls for example, shrug, pointing, approving, disapproval) i think i may have sugested this on feedback surveys before, but i think this game would improve by adding emotes, as long as they are in-character, that meaning emotes that fit that particular character, i would sugest for example (besides standard gestures) the ability for sienna to make non-lethal fireworks (could illuminate the scenary for a short time and has cooldown to prevent spamming) you could make several versions of every emote and add them to the reward pool of the weaves.
The ability of saltzpyre to place sigmar posters on the walls (similar to l4d2 spray except sfw) making more detailed fancier posters as reward of the weave season, give barding/kruber a fancy cigar that stays in their mouth as long as they do not get hit (making fancier pipes reward), and if you hit the button again they puff smoke, give the elf the ability to draw a stationary elven rune on thin air (again different runes could be part of the reward pool)

About the weaves, although they are fun and challenging i think there could be more to them, i noticed weave weapons have greater powerlevel than normal weapons so why not build on top of this? you don’t have to balance weaves for the (possible) upcoming pvp so go crazy, i sugest the creation of gems that can be put into weave weapons to add stronger magical effects such fire damage, poison damage, eletric damage, chance of chain lightning , chance of making enemies explode, chance to freeze enemies, chance of knockdown, slain enemies releasing souls that seek other enemies, chance of ghost animals to attack your target, i have no idea how lore friendly this would be nor do i care, i think however equiping gems should remove your results from being part of the leaderboards (reserved only for the hardcore players who play without em) but farming for gems could be a reason to replay some of the weaves you beaten before since specific gems would drop at specific weaves.

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