Game won't finish

Character is just running in place, game won’t end at all.


Is this a frequent occurance and is there anything that you can think of that was unique or special about the situation? Had someone left the lobby or any notification about someone trying to join - anything like that?

I have this reproduce 100% of the time ( I think 4 out of 4).

I have a history of not getting to see the score screen but rarely (ever since beta). Before I’d get this frozen screen for some time and then skip the exp, score & loot screens. Loot would appear a short while after the game finishing (the spoils of war button would light up to indicate this).

In Bögenhafen beta however, that behavior is replaced with just getting stuck to the “bubble screen” (as in the picture) with people running in place. This also happened before but it would be only very brief, but now there does not seem to be an end to it. While I waited for it to end each time people in the game said they were only getting black screen. Each time their black screen was resolved the moment I hit exit (via esc menu). This was confirmed ~3 times over Discord with a friend, so it’s unlikely to be a coincidence.

It seems that for a run terminated like this I’d get exp and a deed (if enabled) would be consumed (on success), but I’d not get chests for the map completion.

I also went back to the live patch and the previous behavior returned (no score screen, but the game did end normally), so I’m guessing it’s something with the patch.

@Ilex if you can run Wireshark (a third party tool that captures network data) during one of those sessions where the XP/loot screen does not present and send us the log of the capture it would be super useful. We’re looking in to this and initial suspicions are it being a networking problem with certain requests reaching our backend.

Sent you a PM. I originally misread the request, so the recording in the PM is from the beta scenario (game does not proceed from bridge of shadows, but instead freezes in a sense). I’ll get back to you with a recording of the live situation (no exp/loot screen, but the game ends).

Edit: Sent another recording from live patch (no exp/score/loot screens).

New live version seems to be the same as beta: can’t finish a game.

Bumpity. I see this issue is not yet tagged as acknowledged, even though it was known to be issue pre-release.

Is there an ETA for fix?

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It’s currently theorised that this is a networking concern since it isn’t a widespread problem and affects very few players. I’ve passed the logs to one of our networking engineers to try and find what might be causing the jam. Acknowledgement would typically indicate an issue has been raised to a bug tracker, whilst this is more a (currently perceived but subject to change) support request, so do bear with us whilst we look in to it.


I’d also assume networking as the root cause. However I would not categorize my ability to jam 3 other players’ games while connected as a client as a support request, but also a security issue. By all standards clients shouldn’t have that kind of power (and didn’t in previous patches).


Don’t forget the looping victory audio while you stand there frozen, false hope - you think it’s gonna work but no. Bug sucks man.

ilex has sent me over some logs, if anyone else experiences the same the same kind of logs would be most useful. Our engineer is looking in to them as we speak.

currently watching this thread, have similar issues where my character stops in the bridge twice, didnt realise this was such a recent issue (4 days ago for the most recent reply) hope you guys are able to find the issue/bug/thing soon! all the best and appreciate the effort :slight_smile:

I’ve played a few games with a USB 4g modem, which works flawlessly (or as flawless as a 4g modem can work). So an issue most likely exists somewhere in the networking. It does not explain however, why the patch “broke the game”, in the sense that missions can no longer be finished. I’m assuming something was changed with how connections are handled post game (eg. a timeout was shortened).

Seems like this is not 100% deterministic for all people suffering from this (assuming the person has played more than 2 maps):


I also have a friend experiencing this exact same bug with the live Bogenhafen, ever since it released. I believe there was an update or two to the game since then, but as of 2 days ago (Sept. 3, 2018), the bug was still occurring without fail. No extraordinary circumstances with the game at all; normal runs on Veteran. nothing out of the ordinary for the rest of the game except that she would fail to exit (like the original poster), and everybody else would remain blackscreened. The only difference was that she gained NO experience or chest reward for completion, but daily quests would sometimes complete upon reloading the game. I do not have any logs to provide, as it didn’t happen to me.

This has become frequent since 1.2. It has occurred to me and my teammates on Festering, Halescourge, and Blight in the past week. There have also been instances of events not starting- such as Hordes not spawning at Blight burning tainted food, and also Spilemangler not spawning on Into the Nest which puts all players in the pit with no function. These are all bugs that I have experienced since patch 1.2 not including the degradation of network stability and disconnects, sign-in timeouts, and crashes where no error copy clipboard is available.

Much worse after Bogenhafen. Seems worst with Kruber. I can only finish like ~75% of games.

Hello Hedge,

I appreciate the time it takes to fix the game; I can’t imagine how complicated such issues are. Could you possibly provide an estimated time for fixing? A few of my friends can’t play because of this issue, and it’s sad because they really enjoy the game (even now, despite not being able to finish a mission). Thank you for your time

Today was the first time I encountered this. Playing Empire in Flames, I got stuck in the Bridge, in the kind of non-interactive state that always happens for a moment before the run ends. I was client; another client and the host were stuck in black screen at the time. As soon as I left the party, their games started loading the mission end screens. I didn’t get any loot (and likely exp) for the run, but interestingly the run did count for Okri’s Challenge.

My console log: console-2018-09-11-14.22.26-4E5BF188-6F24-4AD1-B9D8-F451.log (2.9 MB)

Host’s console log: console-2018-09-11-14.23.20-9EFEC9F4-7D53-4AFC-BDDA-9E01.log (2.3 MB)

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that is exactly what is happening to my friend. Thank you for posting the logs

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