Okri's challenges permanently glowing

Issue Summary:
The Okri’s challenges book is permanently glowing indicating there are rewards to redeem. The UI seems to indicate I have rewards in the Bögenhafen DLC, but I have not bought it so I cannot access them. I’m assuming this is because I played the beta.

Steps to Reproduce (assumed):

  1. Play beta (also through random quick play?)
  2. Manage to earn DLC reward without buying DLC
  3. Observe Okri’s challenges book

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%) <- tome keeps on shining

Additional Information:
-I’m assuming this will resolve itself if I bought the DLC, but not doing that until I can finish a game.

I have not played the beta, but with today’s 1.2 patch I was matched through random quick play to “the pit”, it was confusing because I don’t own the DLC. We completed it and now it shows that I have pending rewards which I can’t claim.

When you buy the dlc they won’t be claimable any you have to beat them again.

I no longer get matched to the DLC missions and the stars of the achievements over the DLC section have dissapeared, but the book is still glowing for me.

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