Can't fully complete Okri's challenges because of bugged Bogenhafen challenge

I am currently unable to fully complete Okri’s challenges because of an issue with one of the Bogenhafen challenges, namely: Shadows over Bogenhafen, the one where you’re supposed to collect all the Bogenhafen cosmetics. I have 167/173 Missions, 2 missing in the Ravaged Art section, 3 missing in the Weaves Expedition section and presumably 1 in the Bogenhafen section, even though the Incomplete tab giving no indication as to which one. I have in fact collected all Bogenhafen cosmetics before the beta and I got the painting to show for that and it is also greyed out to show the reward was claimed. However, after I swapped to the beta, it became 83/84, appeared under the Incomplete tab, but it was still greyed out. After the beta went live, it no longer displayed 83/84 and it no longer appeared under the Incomplete tab, however, the Bogenhafen menu still has the Incomplete tab, which leads me to believe that this particular challenge is still treated as not complete.

I narrowed it down even further and discovered that the Battlewizard is the only career which only has 5 headgears displayed in Lohner’s Emporium despite all other careers having 6 headgears displayed instead. And can you guess which headgear is missing? Adept’s Torchgate, which is the battlewizard’s Bogenhafen hat cosmetic. I had a look at my Battlewizard and lo and behold, I do posses the hat already, but after putting 2 and 2 together, I can only come to the conclussion that despite having it, it’s probably not registered that I do so for the “Shadows over Bogenhafen” challenge given that it’s not even showing up in Lohner’s Emporium.

I have posted this on reddit too where I have video evidence because the file was too large to upload here as well: link

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