Complete list of missing cosmetics / challenges for Winds of Magic

  1. Helmgart challenges
  • No challenges for beating the chaos / skaven lords on cataclysm.
  • No border and challenge for beating all Helmgart mission challenges on cataclysm.
  1. Bogenhafen challenges
  • No cataclysm versions of the legend challenges
  • No chests and challenges for beating the Bogenhafen missions on cataclysm difficulty separately
  1. Back to Ubersriek challenges
  • No borders for beating all of the Back to Ubersriek missions on any of the difficulties
  • No cataclysm versions of the legend challenges
  1. Ravaged art challenges
  • No challenges and paintings for getting 3 / 30 salvaged art pieces on the Dark Omens map
  1. Heroes challenges.
  • No skins / borders / hats for beating all Helmgart missions on cataclysm as each career

  • No border for beating all Helmgart missions on cataclysm as every career

  • No challenge for reaching level 35 with all characters

  • No challenges to unlock skins for the Winds of Magic weapons

  • No reward for getting 100 wins on all careers / characters

  • No reward for all Okri Challenges completed

Missing Keep decorations

  • No keep banners for completing the Dark Omen mission on specific difficulties
  • The trophy room doesn’t show what difficulty you have beaten the Lord maps, Blightreaper and Fortunes of War on
  • No item in the trophy room from the Winds of Magic expansion

All of the current Cataclysm challenges still give commendation chests. Even though cataclysm chests were meant to be in the game at some point, they should offer Emperor Vaults instead / some other type of reward.


You can collect new paintings by completing challenges on the Dark Omen map e.g. finding a “family heirloom”

Yes, you can get 2 beastmen paintings from the Winds of Magic challenges and 4 from the Enemy challenges, but there should still be 2 paintings missing from the Ravaged Art challenges.

This is the one part I don’t agree with for the most part. If you play Cataclysm you probably don’t need items that much anymore, hats on the other hand… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’d rather get some extra reds rather than a 0.5 - 1% chance for a hat; you have to salvage 25 reds every expansion if you want all of the new weapons in red after all. But yea, it largely doesn’t matter i guess.

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