Probably Missing "Achievement" Stuff that could be added

Ok this is to be a bit logical with the rest of the challenges =p
This is not “needed”, but it could be a nice gesture for veterans and some nice goals to look for; for experienced players.

  • Keep Banners for Drachenfels free update maps
  • Frame for Drachenfels free update maps (Cata maybe)
  • Keep Banners for Winds of Magic (either the only map there, or counting map + Winds of Magic until 120, or QP Weave until Cata, etc)
  • Trophy for Winds of Magic beastman map.
  • Something for “A quiet Drink map” until cata (like a beer mug, or something funny)
  • Cata Piedestal for trophy room.
  • Ravaged arts (the 3 arts and 30 ) challenges for all the new maps (Dark Omens and the 3 new Drachenfels one).
  • Cataclysm color skin for each career (can also be a frame, or something else)
  • A new piedestal color for Cataclysm trophies (if it exists, I just can’t tell the difference between it and the legend one)
  • Frame for “All Drachenfels” challenges done. (can include Cata)
  • Frame for “Helmgart” Cata challenges.

Frames for cata can be swapped to others cool ideas like weapons skins with a different colors and stuff like this.


Totally agree… specially about this:

P.s this would be nice too… But you can’t add challenge about a mod that isn’t avaible anymore. Better wait the next year.

As it is a trophy. It can appear without being linked to a specific challenge. So it could be done before next year.

Cask of Bugman XXXX in the trophy room (if we can get drunk off it all the better)
Keep Banners for Drachenfels would be nice