Reward for Ubersreik missions on cata

I searched, but didnt find any of this. Really? this was the best you could do? a commendation chest on all 3 maps on cataclysm? I find the Bögenhafen portrait frame a miracle you could add. For long, boring maps there is a reward, for much better maps you just made an achievement with nothing. I have more than 200 comm chests and dont even have the stomach to open them because they give nothing for me (just painfully slow, 9 by 9 salvage - yea, we have mod for this, but as we know with every patch some mods go nuts and game crashes). players with more than 1000, or 2000 hours like me have no intention collecting commendation chests, lots of the hats we have already.

If you want, im sure we could do the stuff for ourselves and you can vote for the best frames and you can decide you want to add it to the game or not, if you have no time to waste for adding decent reward for doing the most difficult stuff (ENDGAME you said) in the whole game.

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I think you have to get used to the fact that FS doesn’t give what players want, they just come up with nonsense that they later have to deal with and they don’t know how to fix it.


I’m a bit baffled about frames to be honest. Frames are 2d art, and although there needs to be some code to achieve something, having a community frame design challenge could get all the good community artists out of the woodwork. Is there any modder who knows how to extract the code for frames/achievements and the template for a frame? Might be fun just for the modded realm anyhow.

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BtU’s cata frame comes from FoW, just like the legend one does

Yes, but FoW is FoW, a last stand map. Harder then any maps, you need skill, no tunnelvision and good teamplay to finish it.

It is not written in stone that on cata the 3 BtU maps cannot get a frame. Helmgart missions got. Bögenhafen got. Omens got. It’s kinda ok to me (not really) if BtU gets nothing because of FoW but a single commendation chest? Let me guess: 1 green lvl 297 Charm, 1 grey lvl 299 rapier and another grey rapier, this one is lvl 300. Of course the rapiers’ illusion is the same. Then give nothing instead.

So much reward for a lvl 338 Bounty Hunter who spent almost 2100 hours in the game (not all with bh, the others are more than lvl 150-200) almost from the release, opened tons of vaults and still no red illusion for crossbow. Besides the fun I want to collect all the stuff, but the system wants me to play more the bugfest, “promising” loot which wont come - play more to get more . Just charms and trinkets (if they could be seen on the characters I would be glad, but sadly no. Let me guess: more crashes if you see a glowing blue necklace on kruber, like crashes from arts in keep).

See the weaves: 8 weaves, 8 frames plus the 3 pinky uglyness. Would be good this way: If you do the 1st 40, you get 1 hell of a frame, like was legend FoW back at release. Everyone wanted it so badly. But no, people are like flies, they like tasty stuff. Giv’em tons of frames, that will do the trick.

So. For kind of a challenge dont “reward” with chests. Nor commendation neither emperor’s vault. Give something to remember by. It’s like photos from a great vacation.

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