Cataclysm loot. Intentional design choice or a “feature”?

Could we get some actual clarification on this? Based on what has been said upon release of the beta (current), I am not convinced that this was an intentional decision.

Surely the plans for Cata loot were not totally tossed out of the window for any small reason such as crashes, right? I want to give the benefit of the doubt but I find it extremely hard to do so.

And the other thing is that the Cata rewards right now are VERY underwhelming. Sure, playing for the novel challenge by itself is an argument, but I don’t think it’s a good one.

What happened to adding animated portrait frames?

As of right now Cata only exists to provide players that have been bored by Legend being to easy with something to do. That’s a bad look for a difficulty that is literally marketed as part of a 20 dollar expansion in my mind.


They said it in the last stream, that you play Cata for the challenge.

That’s lame. People play this game to unlock red weapons and get customization. If cata offers no rewards above legend not a lot of people are going to play it. This expansion is just leaving more and more of a bad taste in my mouth. I paid 17 euros for 5 new weapons and 1 map + 5 new enemies? What a rip-off.



Yeah, but why the sudden design change? Most people here know that Cata chests existed.

And then they didn’t. Because of a bug that apparently never got fixed.

In my opinion it was not a conscious design choice, but a “feature” as a band aid.


Was there ever a Cata chest? Did anyone actually see it?


No, but it was in the patch notes on the beta tests and they are long gone now.

They most definitely existed. But they were pulled due to a crash that was apparently never fixed.

That’s why I don’t think it was a conscious design choice.


No, there never were any. But I remember Fatshark saying they wanted to introduce them but left them out of the original Beta because of bugs? Maybe they just changed their mind about them though.

It’s all the same to me anyways. It would make sense to me to have Cata chests (if only for the deeds…) but loot isn’t my main motivator for this game. If FS decided they wanted Cata to be a pure challenge thing, that’s fine by me. And if they ever do a deed rework, we might not need Cata chedts anyways.

A cata chest would have been an excellent way to give people deeds, with like 1 loot from 3 is going to be a deed or something.
It being “buggy/problematic/unfixed” is either a very lame excuse, or it gives frightening feedback regarding the developers skills. If you can have 6 chests working properly, how does the 7th have game breaking issues?



The problem is that Cata deeds literally have to exist in order to appease the elite. You think that vanilla Cata will last long against the skilled elite of this community? Nope. In fact some are probably already close to clearing everything on Cata already.

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Oh yeah, I agree Cata deeds would be a good thing. See my post; it would be the main reason I’d like Cata chests.

Cata chests that could reward hats like commendations would also be nifty. And I suppose a higher Red rate would help for illusion-hunting as well. Like I said; Cata chests could be alright, but I guess I don’t need them to motivate me playing Cata.


Yet another broken promise added to the list. Only shows that you cannot trust a single word a Dev says.

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You can always use the QP deed trick to get recruit - legend deeds into Cata. But yea, hopefully Cata deeds are on the way. Although I’d honestly just want a deed rework instead of a bandaid.

And I remember there was Cata chests in the patch notes during the closed beta. But they never actually appeared in game. So it’s hard to say. A lot of people didn’t want increased rewards in Cata. As it would get people Queuing into Cata for the wrong reasons. But I can see both sides of the argument. Perhaps it should give 2 legend chests. Or just flat out give an Emperors chest for clearing.


So we want to rework deeds before creating new ones in the current deed system.

As for Cataclysm rewards, there is a strange rumour going around that it drops no boxes at all. This is false. They offer legend boxes, so can drop reds just like legend.

Right now we wanted to provide Cataclysm as a challenge that falls outside of the traditional progression. That said, it’s right there in the UI along with Legend and all the other difficulties, so we appreciate that whilst we don’t forsee it as a goal for everyone, it’s presentation doesn’t indicate that or lend itself to it being anything but the next difficulty to get used to and beat.

What should cataclysm offer, in your minds, as a suitable end of match reward? (genuine question, not trying to goad anyone)



Thank you for the response. It is very much appreciated, especially given the state of the community right now (unfortunate in my mind, I am personally enjoying the game still despite some minor concerns I have).

I’m happy to hear that a deed rework is still planned and if that’s what we are still waiting for then so be it.

To be honest I am not really sure what should be in Cataclysm chests. Maybe just increased chance for dropping Veteran items? Add in a chance to get hats out of them instead of only out of commendation chests? I think that it has to be something that is still available to the rest of the player base in some form. If there is too much beyond Legend vaults offered then you start down a slippery slope that involves large amounts of players trying to play above their weight class so to speak.


Depends on what we can expect in the future regarding deed rework and the emporium, and/or other content.

You might want to add resources that are used in the deed system if it will be built on that, or the rumored currency (?) that will be used to pay Lohner for his stuff?

Cosmetics? You should work around the lines of making the skill level of the player visible. FoW border was good, as you could expect a certain level competency from the joining player. Deed borders are still a good example, but it’s a grayer are, since people can be carried there.
I’m not a cosmetic type of guy so I don’t really care, but for example my 2 teammates refused to do weeklies or go to modded realm because there was no reward.

Additional reds are somewhat pointless as Cata players will have them by the dozens, but weapons above that would have the wrong effect.

Maybe upgrades for the keep?

Even a few % increase per chest level to red rarity drops would probably make most people feel fine.
Even something like increasing deed drop rates would make some people feel good. Honestly just having some slight benefit would quell most of these worries people are now having.

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This is a great idea. As even with 1.5k+ hours in the base game, I don’t have all the hats… Although, I assume the cosmetic shop will be the quicker route when it comes along.

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I’ve said this a couple of times before, but I think the Cataclysm rewards should be only slightly better than in Legend. Maybe a single chest level’s worth, so that a Cata General’s would be equivalent to Legend Emperor’s. That would provide a slight improvement in rewards to make people feel better, but not enough to entice people going in for the loot alone.

I agree that the challenge is the primary reason people should go to Cata. That’s also why I think giving a significantly better reward for it, or unique rewards, would be a bad idea. A better chance for Deeds would be one interesting thing, but if Deeds get integrated to the crafting system or otherwise changed significantly, that may not be needed.

Hm, now that I think about it, another possibility would be to keep the Legend-level chests, but add an additional Commendation chest in. That would give no significant increase in rewards or their quality, but would give a better chance of finishing one’s cosmetic collection. That kind of runs into another problem in the game though: we already have an abundance of resources and nowhere to spend them. Hopefully Emporium will change that somewhat…

…And another thought: an interesting choice could be a completely different chest. It could give out only one item at a time (like Bogenhafen ones) but with significant weights on the items gained towards things that are still missing from the player’s collection. Illusions, red weapons, cosmetics… Things that are dependent on the RNG and thus frustrating to collect.


I think the reason that you wouldn’t want players punching above their weight isn’t really a great one, it already happens. Plus according to previous statements, cata isn’t really made for QP anyway, so not providing extra rewards so people won’t queue into cata seems redundant.
Plus what is the point of cata if I don’t really get anything out of it (yeah, I know, frames) if I can just fire up modded realm with my friends and play any of the difficulty mods with higher customisation? Since cata, again, isn’t really intended for randoms.
Not wanting to call you out or anything but there seems to be some disconnect between a few ideologies for what that difficulty should be.

And as for rewards, apart from guaranteed reds to get more red dust for the future, or guaranteed or higher chance for hats, there really isn’t much. I really hope you guys start pumping out more (meaningful! not recolours/frames) cosmetics. With more customisation, you could do so much more for rewards and challenges.
As it stands, for me, there isn’t really anything in the game I would consider a reward. I have most of the few hats that I would want, I can’t get armours or anything to show off apart from frames, which, again personally, don’t do anything for me.
That being said, I will still play cata because it’s fun and you guys made a fantastic game. However it should still give improved rewards over Legend. People are always going to try higher difficulties and that’s not a bad thing! If you really want it outside the gear treadmill just don’t give stat increases (though I personally would also like slightly better items).

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A crazy huge, ego tickling super chest with massive skulls and locks on it that opens up like the ark of the covenant with a bombastic, bass boosted sound effect. And also slightly higher drop rates over Legend.

I’m only half-joking, Catavaults are all about the power fantasy imo, and I’m fine with that. I disagree strongly with dudes who say Cata should have no rewards (when it already does with frames), but admit majority of players in Cata probably already have every variety of max gear except for a couple of illusions and cosmetics.