Cataclysm rewards


I would like to recieve emp boxes from cata. It’s already significantly harder than legend so it would only be fair.

I don’t like books, they ruin the flow of the game.

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You play legend for loot and cata for fun, at first I didn’t like getting less loot for playing cata, but now I appreciate it, it makes all the salty loot farmers stay away from cata. That way you encounter many chill players there just having fun with the game and less people getting salty.


I don’t agree. The grind for the last 1/3 of cosmetics is horrible as is. I don’t enjoy legend and don’t like feeling forced to play it for loot.

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Eh he does have a point. People are supposed to be playing cata for “the challenge” but there’s no reason you can’t get decent loot at the same time. However they can’t just give you guaranteed emps because would just lead to people begging to be carried through cata for easy loot. It also bothered me some that everyone completely ignores books on cata. Back in the vermintide 1 days a full book cata run is statistically the best chance of getting red items.

I think there’s a balance you could reach there. A full book cata run should have better rewards than a full book legend run. At the same time you could rebalance cata difficulty around the books to be more in line with the other levels.

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Meh as long as it’s not greater, completing Cata giving guaranteed Legend emp chest seems fine.

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Hey I want stuff now gib

Imo a better and more fun way to increase difficulty is to enable twitch/deed than to go for bookrun, and it seems most of the cata players I play with agree, if those options did not exist I guess ppl would go for books instead.

However they can’t just give you guaranteed emps because would just lead to people begging to be carried through cata for easy loot.

Legend bookruns are still significantly easier so I don’t see this changing much, I think it would help both difficulties since a lot of cata players go down to legend when pugging and gets frustrated with the slow tempo etc.

Anyways getting a bit derailed, my proposal is fine IMO, it’s not like I’m asking for better rewards. The best way to “grind” will still be to chain legend bookruns since it’s both easier and faster, even with a team.

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I wish they had more rewards for Cataclysm in general. The banners in the keep are nice and so are portraits. I don’t want a ton of exclusive Cataclysm content because that may be unfair to the majority of players, but more would be nice. The Empire Resurgent challenge for doing all of the Helmgart missions on Legend gave a nice portrait. It was a disappointment when there was nothing like that for doing the Cataclysm challenges.

I don’t mind books that much but if there is no additional benefit to them on Cataclysm, then there is no point in getting them. That’s probably a bit of the point though with Cataclysm giving no better loot than Legend. Players don’t need to care about books. They can just enjoy the combat to its fullest at a harder setting because they’ve surpassed the trivial material desires of mere mortals.


Eh, I’m really not a fan of books. Yes they make the run harder, but not in a fun way. Getting one-shotted by skavenslaves is not what I’d consider a fair challenge, nor does it feel right.


Precisely! Being able to tank a hit or two really opens up your gameplay and allows for so much more risk vs reward plays. It also opens up other aspects of the game, if you for example are on low health you might want to farm thp instead of going for ranged kills, or maybe you want to hang back and play it safe. It gives the player more options, and more options are never bad.
And that’s not even touching on the fact that 50% of your team can’t use potions.

My proposal would be to add mods similar to map mods in Path of Exile that you can activate at the keep. I honestly think this would be good for the game, I don’t really buy the argument that all the legend players would flood cata if rewards were increased (and where is the wrong in that anyways? The best way to improve is to challenge yourself.).

I hate books. They are a dumb mechanic that slows down the game. Better loot being tied to Twitch would be preferable and increase replayability because of the increased variation in games.

One objection I can see people raising for guaranteed emperor’s vaults is that cata is locked behind a paywall, so technically it would become ‘pay to win’. If they did introduced the guaranteed Cata-emp chest then I would hope that Fatshark would make cata open to everyone.

Still the biggest problem would be players not ready for cata trying to play it just for the loot.

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I don’t want it to have better loot but I agree 100% for having some cool frames, skins, paintings and maybe other stuff to make your keep look more badass from completing cata challenges.

How difficult would it really be to design 6 new chests and call them Treasure Troves or something. And so people who didn’t buy WoM feel left out just up Emperors Vaults to 1/3 chance to get cosmetics and reds

It’s not pay to win though because you can still get oranges with perfect rolls and you can still get reds or salvage them to upgrade a specific weapon. And since without WoM the highest difficulty is Legend, having an extra 2% damage or 1% crit chance on each of your weapons isn’t a big deal when Cataclysm increases enemy health by 80%. That difficulty spike warrants better loot

I agree, but the vermintide 2 community, at least on Steam, are a fickle bunch that look for any excuse whatever to criticize Fatshark. I believe there used to be cata chests (in WoM beta I think) and they were eliminated. I don’t know the reason why.

I don’t think fatshark should bend to the will of the loudest voice.

This game has a very loyal and strong following and we are many that love it. The game needs to keep it’s integrity and fatshark must be allowed to continue experimenting and evolving, and not become discouraged because of a very loud opposition.

Those who scream the loudest gets their will unfortunately.

I screamed very loud for some changes yet they didn’t implement them. Seems like they are listening to the majority mostly and not the loudest screamer.

Gotta give fatshark a bit more credit then saying they only listen to the loudest screamers.

I meant more the WoM hate etc, but yeah you’re right I didn’t explain it very good. Feedback is never wrong if it comes from a point of logic.

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once u’re done with the gear progression in legend you won’t want better loot on cata.
u’ll be like “im freeeeee!!!”

-sitting on 2600 something unopened boxes and happy lulz

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It would be nice if we get “upgraded” commendation box which gives us some basic illusions as a cataclysm reward.