Reds for Cataclysm REwards


I think, the cataclysm vaults should contain at least one red item, it’s the highest difficulty.

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I don’t really think that’s necessary. I do feel like there should be some loot incentive for cataclysm as well. E.g. start at a higher loot tier than normal legend (making full books overkill) and, when Lohner’s emporium releases, definitely some (or more) Lohner currency…or Lohner essence…or whatever we’re supposed to pay with…plenty of beer pickups? Pieces of intelligence? Roses for Catrinne?


I think it’s good that there’s no loot bonus. Keeps people from joining for loot. I already had a guy tonight who died constantly, had no idea what he was doing. Got carried and then complained about getting a soldiers. Once he found out there was no better loot he left…

Cata should be for the challenge. Perhaps put some more portraits or something with each weave season. So the guys who aren’t interested in Weaves have something to grind for as well.

At the same time. I’ve seen people doing full books runs on Cata. The absolute mad lads… with twitch mode as well.


I bet a lot of cata player will reach full books level in a short period of time. I’m mainly thinking about players that started challenging themselves early, are capable of doing cata runs, but are still missing out on reds. It would be kind of sad to go down in difficulty for that kind of grind.

Some loot incentive but not enough to make it appealing. If you can’t make it through cata without books you definitely wouldn’t go for full tomes and a grim in order to obtain an Emperor’s Vault.

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I dunno. I think having loot incentives will just be a slippery slope. The Devs already stated that Legend is the end game. And that’s where people will go to farm. They want Cata to be for people to really challenge themselves.

If loot and stuff really had to be added. I’d rather see the portraits from Weaves for clearing a certain amount of runs. That way people who aren’t interested in weaves can work towards something as well. Almost feel like I’m forced to play weaves to complete my collection now…

I suppose they could always add red dust to Cata runs? Perhaps 1 dust per clear? That way they can craft red weapons but still need to farm for the illusion.

To be honest, I wouldn’t even have an issue with red dust being added to Legend runs.


Showing how FS works… I’ll not put so much hope over Lohner Emporium

If they added better chests in Cataclysm, we would have a lot of player that will join just to farm… so a lot of players not ready for that difficoulty.

But I guess they could increase quick play bonus, in order to obtain the emperor chest also without books (or just without grims)… Cata without grims is still harder than Legend full books, so noone would come to farm.


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Completely agree with no reward incentive to Cataclysm. Modders put in Onslaught and Deathwish as difficulty augmenters and people played those for the challenge (pain), not for the higher loot chance.

Anyone playing attempting to play Cata will know they need all reds to begin with just to have the min/max chance to succeed.

New Portraits/Banners to tell everyone that you beat all the maps on Cata would be nice for braggers, like for those who beat Fortunes of War on Legend (legitimately) or completed 100 heroic deeds should be the only incentive. Completionists, Platinum seekers, Achievement Hunters, this is YOUR endgame now…

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If the intention is that everyone does cata once and then forgets about it like Fortunes of War, then yeah keep it without rewards. That’s what Fatshark wants right?


I can’t get a group together for FoW. It would be nice if it was AVAILABLE for randoms to join in from a selection screen like in V1, but no, Fatshark thought it would be a great idea to keep it strictly private and thus forces a lot of players to host a random game, and either ask randoms if they would rather play FoW or trick them into playing FoW by bringing up the selection screen and hope they press ACCEPT without reading what map they are actually playing.

Point is, FoW isn’t necessarily forgotten as it is just inconvenient on how we’re forced to set up a game. The inconvenience of which drives people away from it. I’ve beaten the whole game on Legend, I have no reason to keep grinding, but we keep playing because it’s fun and challenging. I’d play FoW over and over again with new people if I could for sure.

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