Cataclysm loot. Intentional design choice or a “feature”?

Aye. There’s also the thing that people punching hard above their weight wipe and thereby get zero loot, that’s already a major deterrent to people wanting loot and loot only.

As for the others, what’s wrong with having given them that added incentive to give it a go (and perhaps, in the process improve their mastery of the game)? If people are willing to play with them then great, there were always people like that in the lower difficulties too. If people don’t want to play with them, they can add people they know are already great at the game and queue with them instead.

As it is now there’s also a problem that people with the talent for Cata are incentivised to grind Legend instead for reds if they don’t have the full complement.

There’s also this.

This would be perfect.

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I’d be lying if I said I don’t get annoyed if I wipe for the tenth time because someone is clearly not ready for that difficulty yet. But at the same time the game gets way more fun if I have to be all over the place, trying my hardest to save my teammates. It is considerably less fun if you breeze through without any challenge because everyone is so on point, the game can’t really throw anything at you. But that might not ever be the case with the changes, only time will tell. But then again, I am very much willing to compromise to get more (varied) loot.
Pls fatshark, I’ll sell part of my soul for more unlockable cosmetics that aren’t frames. Frames get nothing though

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Cata suppouse to be a very hard challenge with few chance of victory even with a pre-made team. If a team, after this premises could finish a cata mission with all grims and tomes…well the rewards would be great!
In my suggestion you can even make a chest it guaranteed a Veteran item or a hat, scaled from prestige of the chest.
making an example:
Emperor chest: 1 guaranteed veteran, 1 guaranteed hat, 1 guaranteed deed
General chest: 1 guaranteed veteran, 1 guaranteed deed, 1 random weapon
Soldier chest: 1 guaranteed deed, 2 random weapon

Maybe not exactly what i just wrote but something similar

edit: for hat i mean general cosmetics

Well, like you said, if you don’t want Cata in the natural progression, you definitely don’t want it to reward stuff that is unobtainable outside of it. Except for cosmetics off course! Gameplay altering stuff - definitely not. Cosmetics - yes.

A higher chance for the same stuff in Legend or lower might be good, but then people will end up feeling like they “need” to farm Cata or something, and that goes against what you want Cata to be. So I’d imagine some unique cosmetics. An outfit that is not just a recolor? Specific Hats? There already are frames aplenty…

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I definitely concur with the first part of your post, but under the current item system I don’t think guaranteed loot per chest would be balanced. I like the suggestions of increasing the veteran drop chance and throwing in a chance at already-existing hats (like commendation chests).

Again, the opposite problem is people ‘needing’ to farm Legend to get veteran items. Cosmetics too are anyway already a huge motivation for a lot of people that’ll fall into the ‘players punching above their weight’ crowd they alluded to.

I’m still hoping for an item rework eventually.

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Well, you’d still get items and mats for playing Cata. And by the time you can comfortably play Cata, you’ll have amassed plenty of crafting mats - including red dust. No need to farm those anymore. And the illusions part might be fixed with Lohner’s Emporium coming up…

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Maybe we’re the exception but the main friend I play VT2 with and I both found Legend trivial, and neither of us have all the reds, let alone a bunch of red dust lying around. Orange dust is another matter.

We’re both generally busy so we don’t have the hours (and luck) in to have gotten them all. And rerolling oranges isn’t worth it under the current system (we unfortunately first found that out from experience). Hell, even rerolling a red potentially takes over a hundred dust if you get unlucky.


Trust me, I know… Still a handful of illusions that I just don’t seem to get…

However, the point is that if you A) Don’t want Cata to reward gameplay stuff that you can’t otherwise get, and B) Don’t want Cata to be the most effective farming difficulty because you want it to feel “outside the normal difficulty progression” like FS seems to want; You don’t have much options. Unique cosmetics is one of the few.

With regards to the part about not being able to get the illusions you want: There are other ways to fix that. Hopefully, the upcoming Lohner’s Emporium can do something about that, for example.

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Ah, well, I’m just going to continue to stubbornly disagree with the stance FS gave for the decision and hope they change it. To me the merits of cata chests outweigh the cons.

I liked your unique cosmetics suggestions though! Either way it could at least use a recolour ala what Champ/Legend already have. (Please be purple… :sweat_smile:)

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Ugh, recoler. Never matches the Hats…

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For Cataclysm I agree that you don’t want it to be the most effective farming tool for red loot, or else people will feel compelled to try it. That said you also don’t want the chests to feel underwhelming compared to Legend chests or it gives players a “feels bad” moment (some may be fine with it, and truly just want the challenge, many more will not).

So I agree with giving the Cataclysm chest a very small increased chance in getting a Veteran item over a Legend chest and a better than commendation chest chance of obtaining a hat, or possibly frames that couldn’t fit with a theme/season, or (when implemented) a really high chance at a deed.

Or even art fragments obtained only through ”catavaults”. Collect some arbitrary number of a specific type (say 10 Rasknitt Crossing the Delaware’s, the more painting types the longer it takes.) and you get a new painting. If you add enough alternative loot options to actual gear, it could even push the chance of getting Veteran gear down to a lower level than a Legend vault, while Red gear would still appear more frequently than orange/blue gear relative to legend so as to avoid the (but it’s worse feeling). In this way Legend would be the best place to farm gear/build skill all in preparation to attempt Cata. While Cata would have something to strive for when you feel you’ve maxed out that still feels completely optional.

Sorry for the essay.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing crafting material Boxes. Have a good chance at red dust in them so can make red items without having to scrap as many to get there.

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