The Long QoL list about things

Craft options :

  • Allow illusions equip without unequipping the weapons.
  • Remove the hats from salvage options
  • Can probably be made into 2.0 combining WoM, and a new forge that would still ask the scrap and stuff but makes you having your properties either faster or at a choice (and price upped accordingly)
  • Prevent rerolling the exact same trait when rolling traits (does serve no purpose, up the price instead)
  • Add the crafting improvement mod as a default option =p

Frames/Challenge :

  • Make a frame for all challenges completed in Cataclysm (like the one for the others challenges)
  • Make some of the best frames animated (like Christmas’ ones)

Deeds :

  • Allow us to craft a deed in according difficulty
  • Add DLC maps in the deeds possibilities, if you have thoses DLC (mostly what deed swap allow us to do)
  • Remove some uninteresting ones (Back to Basics comes in mind first)

Rewarding stuff :

  • Reward Deeds according to its difficulty.
  • Reward Cataclysm according to its difficulty.
  • Reward Weekly Challenges according to its difficulty.

If you spend more time or tries (therefore time) to do a map, you should be rewarded AT LEAST on par the time spent. Therefore 2 vaults instead of 1 if you don’t want Cataclysm to have a new type of “Cataclym” chest for example.

  • Reward Cataclysm CHALLENGES according to its difficulty > Cf. next point

“Easy” cosmetics and DLC incentives :

  • Reward Purple skins for new dlc weapons if you own Bogenhafen for finishing the maps in Cata.
  • Reward Blue skins for new dlc weapons for finishing Helmgart maps in Cata.
  • Reward weaves skins on whatever challenge you want.
  • Add console collector’s frame to pc collector’s edition as well.
  • Add new songs to the OST :slight_smile:

Seasons and not stressing out players :

  • Let thoses Season 1 challenges stay after season 1.
  • Allow Weaves to be chosen by season
  • Ranked season is still the current one, no ranking anymore for past seasons.
    (It combines allowing casual people to complete their season / frame rewards, gives more scripted maps to do, and allow us to try the experience of a past season if we came later)

Roadmap :
And how to get some kind of actual news about what’s coming, what’s blocking and what’s abandonned in order to get a bit into the design process.
A blog with regular updates. A roadmap called “Predictions” or something so we can have the same stuff as a roadmap but with people understanding it’s not fixed. Etc…

Retroactive rewards :

  • In order to not spend to much time to regrind what was already done, if you change something ( max levels for example, or adding new challenges for already finished stuff, or a new reward for deeds ), please think of old players who already done the content ( so they should have this new level without regrinding, or a bit of the new rewards for deeds calculated on the number of deeds done, etc)

Not gonna lie, reading through a lot of these things which should’ve been, hope rapidly declines. :>

Gotta disagree on this one though, its my favorite modifier. ( BUT IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET FUN DEEDS.) I made the mistake of trying to nab a few from the countless chests of useless, pointless, unrewarding vaults that are just rotting away. 1 deed after 50 vaults. :slight_smile:

How about letting people give away chests/vaults@ the end of a run?

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The screens for rerolling properties and traits can both be replaced with a weave forge-inspired screen. Selecting the first property could cost x-amount of green dust, second property x-amount of blue, and traits (obviously) x-amount of orange. I think it’s totally fair to base the price on average amount of times one would have to reroll to get the stats they want, and for me that’s normally between 30 and 50 rerolls, so a cost of 30 or 50 dust. This way salvaging doesn’t become invalidated, players are still incentivized to scrap excess weapons and the forging process is 100% painless. Cons to making forging that expensive will probably affect new players the most as they simply won’t have enough dust to forge gear in early game until after they’ve completed 10 or more maps, might also be a side-ways pro since they shouldn’t be getting attached to low quality weapons and always be switching out to experiment, experience, and learn other weapons and stuff.

Deeds… just… anything to make the deeds better. Roll the weekly mutators into deeds so we have an incentive to do them and at least get rewarded.

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That would require probably too much dev (a gifting/exchange system) for something that is not that important.

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A good list.

I think Back to Basics should just be reworked to a “VT1 mode”, where everyone has the same health, no ults, maybe no talents. Keep the same power, along with properties and weapon traits.


Well ask thunderherald, he likes it so I’m not for removing a thing that some people like. I really thought no ones liked it =p


I strongly agree with pretty much all of these (well, a couple are “whatever” for me, but anyway). A few comments, though:

This might be an engine issue - It’s quite possible (probable, I’d say) that there’s something in the way the graphics and other info are stored and/or loaded that prevents changing things on the fly.

Otherwise, a lot could be done to the crafting system by introducing some mechanics for bad luck protection - preventing repeated rolls, “locking in” a Property, maybe a separate roll for Property values. A lot of the current system’s frustration comes from the fact that everything is bound together and there’s nothing to prevent constant unwanted results. If we get significant improvements (or a full rework)though, Veteran items will likely need some redesign as their only real value (besides implanted magical LEDs) is that they circumvent part of the crafting RNG.

Integrating Deeds into the Crafting system would clear a lot of problems with them - unwanted ones (be it because of difficulty or modifiers) could be scrapped, and the drought coming from their rarity would be mitigated by crafting them. The modifiers and their rewards still would need tweaking, though - while B2B is an interesting modifier in my mind, it stands as too hard as is, and Abduction just needs a complete overhaul (or even removal; a thing I very rarely suggest).

Weekly Challenges really deserve at least the Quickplay Bonus as they obey all the rules of Quickplay anyway - random map, always public - and probably should count for the Quickplay Quests too. According to earlier comments from the Devs, Lohner’s Emporium may bring additional rewards to them but we’ll see. I think Cata does deserve something more (or different) than Legend, but it really shouldn’t be too significant difference to not encourage farming or playing beyond one’s ability. I did put up more of my thoughts when Hedge asked us about possible Cata rewards, but I’m too tired to look for the thread now as it’s been lost in all the 2.0/WoM discussion.

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Very good, (EDITED, added some new feats)

Let’s add this :

  • Connecting friends of friends, in this live state (in the Keep), when you are not host and want to invit a friend not present in the host’s contacts, you have to use a trick, like open a game “private” or not, and invit your friend(s), it’s boring ! (Also not everyone knows this trick). [While in VT1 there was not this problem in the Red Moon inn (a Keep-like)].

  • Make a teleporting system in the Keep, when you spawn, or even got far from the game starting bubbles, for weaves or even for the regular game, a huge quality of life teleportation in the menu could be very appreciated, if walking/running is something recommanded for health care in the real life, in vermintide it’s, how to say, annoying.

  • Add some mods in the game ! Key notification, why players should write and risk to die “I got the keys for the grim”… seriously what is this lack of QoL / Like the author said Reroll improvement etc… and also Chat block !!! It’s the basic, it’s not a deal, we have to get those features in the live game.

  • Add a natural bond and a bleeding state icons to the HUD like mods do, again why do we need a mod to have these visual informations, someone wears natural bond how to know if he does not say? Someone is bleeding, how to be sure, sometimes you can get some green with or without natural bond also, with a death crane icon in the HUD, you know ! It’s the basic…

  • Fast vote system In VT1 was better, to do a map again and again, less loading time, really please Fatshark optimise this, why should a map disengage itself from physical memory and reload it 1 minute later, we should bypass this ! It’s stolen and wasted time, we need a fix.

  • Open chests faster as the Prop’s Joe mod, Fatshark did you measure the time it takes to open 100 chests? … I won’t say more you’ll get it. Give a toggle option, “fast open”.

  • DLC owner indicator, Now the community is splitted between WoM DLC owners and the others, we can’t know before inviting a friend, if he really has it, it’s bad, you made this choice, now help us, the way we can avoid this situation. (Steam Rich Presence from steam, there is a modder working in this, for example).

Thanks for reading, I’ll may add some more later.

@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia
QoL as basic as all what we posted is a real value added to your game, players will really appreciate these efforts. When you are spending many 100s hours in this game, all what is helping you to get things easier and quicker and more fair is a must ! Need also more mod waves ! The last one comes from december 2018 !

All these small add-ons make a greater game !


  • Old weaves essences rewarding, You want to help ppl or friends to achieve a weave you already done, ok, you won’t be rewarded, you almost don’t win essences at all by doing this, discouraging mutual support, and splitting even more the weave playerbase. Reward old weaves a way you are not wasting your time. Helping friends should also be rewarded. Older weaves are not easier because you’ve already done them, it’s still a pain !

  • Disconnection from host / Host migration, the host crashed or ragequitted (5 mins ago a host ragequitted while I am writting this) automatically reloads the map at the beginning, while the other teammates won’t join you anymore. You are forced to wait the loading time for the map, and the loading time for the return to the Keep… again, it’s impossible to let that running. This host migration system you’ve done, it’s very rare worth it, almost 100% fails.

  • (We repeat) Reward more ! Get efforts worth and fair Encourage “try hard”, “efforts”, “skill”, “teamplay”, “helping friends”, etc, by a high rated rewarding. You did a cataclysm map with full books, it’s a achievement, you win a cosmetic ! Seriously, rewarding is the key. In Fatshark studios don’t tell me, the staff is paid randomly with probabilities %proc chance to get some amount of money regardless their post, their amount of work, and their responsabilities. You defined how many everyone will be paid. In VT2 we want almost the same, ok for %procs, but scaled with the efforts. Not normal to be rewarded the same, when you play champion, and cataclysm. (A full books cataclysm is something now !) I insist on this point, I have many friends who lost motivation with your rewarding system, not paying… and very very demanding on time, more than a mmorpg. What they do? They leave the game. As it’s not rewarding “achievements”, it’s based on time, a man posted on reddit he just had all dropable hats after almost 3000h xD. Instead of just making them unlockable by doing high skill achievements… which is much more fair and interesting. Even the drop rate of red weaps, I have 1500h, my main was Zealot flail for +200h, I don’t still have it red officially (had to craft it)… Give it a rework and you’ll see, many players will get back !

  • When you add new achievements in Okri’s based on farming, make them retroactives ! I mean if you already done the achievement content, (like farm N ennemies with X weapon, you know the ones I mean) Don’t reset the counter anymore. Finish old maps with lords for each char, etc… Classes-100 games… never do it again :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t ask the player to do again and again, what he already has done 100x times before. Just give it.


:grin: It is really fun, though - but of course, it is impossible to play it because of the pathetically poor implementation of heroic deeds and the complete neglect it and foundational features and mechanics of the game suffer.

Imagine if one could consistently play your favorite deed modifiers.
Imagine if you could ACTUALLY get your hands on deeds in general without wasting an hour opening vaults and HOPING you get some. I wouldn’t be here expressing the disbelief watching complete incompetence and mishandling of an IP, I’d be busy playing.

Oh, but no - competition, cheaterboards, “better than you” attitudes encouraged in a cooperative game. I’m genuinely under the impression fatshark isn’t suffering from incompetence or are simply misguided, but a brutal mix of both.

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Please keep on topic =p
You have like thousand of others topics to be angry ! But I’m glad to see some people liking this deed.

Then don’t lead into it.

Well, the deed part doesn’t annoy me, the rant part does a bit as it’s not really constructive here in a list of QoL improvements !

I added some few feat. Thanks Froh for this topic.

Link beacon, shortcut to my add-ons suggestions

The problem with “Back to Basics” is “Power”.
As difficulty increases, so does the severity of the problem.

I’d argue B2B by itself is more difficult on Legend than a Vanguard, Next Wave, Seek and Destroy combo.

If they had a B2B where power wasn’t affected, I would enjoy it a lot more.


I’d still like to see Deeds as unique new content - random game modes like “last stand but you’re on a tower and you have to hold out as long as possible with just bombs” or little story-based ones . . . walk through a map, find interactibles for information that pieces together a story.

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