Game won't end/Bridge of shadows issue

Issue Summary:
Game won’t finish or let me “Leave Game”.
3 bots, game open to public.
Made sure all the bots were in the aura of the bridge but still wouldn’t end. This was rather painful as one of them always wants to stand just outside the aura.

Tried to leave the game but got the message “You can’t exit the game while player(s) are joining your game.”

Tried leaving the aura and going back out to see if that would allow a person to join but nothing happened.

Re-entered the bridge aura again to see if that would work, no luck.

My second game ever so I guess that makes it 50% of the time?

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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play game
  2. Get to end
  3. Feel sad because you just spent 20 minutes on a match for it count for nothing

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Common (< 50%)

Additional Information:

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