Stuck in game before endscreen

Same as @krindi in his post in the following article, he ha a good description (and same way of problem solving) of it:

as well as

I think too that it has something to do with a silent join, maybe one that gets cancelled in the wrong way before even notifying the host/other clients in, which blocks one bot place as being used by a person who is in the process of joining, which therefore won’t let the game finish. One friend tried to join as a fourth, but said place was blocked. Could maybe be prevented by an automatic join cancel, after a set time? I don’t know, 3 min p.e. should be enough for even the potatoest of potatos to join in. Or maybe a timer for the different stages of joining?
Too say, it happened to me the first time in 1500h of Vermintide 2, so extremely rare.

DxDiag.txt (84.4 KB)
console-2019-03-30-15.40.23-3a9e593a-9b25-4d5d-a792-97bb98c557d5.log (2.3 MB)

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