Stuck at the bubble, end of game

Issue Summary:

Was playing Halescourge, did a full book run, I just needed the clear. Doing all the classes I don’t like now on Legend for the 100% legend clear with all classes. Got to the end, stuck in bubble… We tried killing the bot, then killing each other until there was only 1 of us left, tried reviving other people and doing 1 each in the bubble. Nothing worked. GG

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the game
  2. Git rekt
  3. profit??!?

[Attach Your Session Console Log]

console-2018-10-23-10.06.07-28BC5719-E7CD-41FB-9AB6-B439.log (1.1 MB)

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Sorry about this Smoker, I’ve raised this internally.

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