Stuck at the bubble, game won't end. Patch

Played a few matches with these guys, I was host. All was going well, thought it was weird that one of them dropped mid game and didn’t say anything. Finished a full book run of Skittergate, got to the bubble and we couldn’t end the game. That’s when @Haybear messaged me and said she could see my in game chat in her game.

We even waited for the count down timer to finish, but it wouldn’t end the game.

I then tried to ALT+F4 and even that would not close the game. Just deleted my HUD.

I finally had to close it in the Task Manager.

Apparently this is what caused it,

Here’s the console log.

console-2019-10-09-16.29.42-92f7f056-13a5-4829-ad3a-c37f01c4a8e9.log (2.1 MB)


I’ve something similar happen once before on another map. The game ended after the timer finished though, fortunately.

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Sorry for robbing you of your loot. :scream:

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Possibly related to or the same bug as:

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