Stuck on Map

Issue Summary:
We finished the map and we got stuck in there even if we all was in bubble. and im pretty sure what causes this, few day ago i was joining quick play but i failed joining (or i quitting the main menu before joining the game session) what did happen i enter back to the game to my keep from main menu i saw chat rolling, there was some team in other game session doing some map when i was in my home keep. i saw their messages etc but they did not saw my messages.
well i found it little annoying, but i did my own game (’‘because could not join any games’’) and got my own group: joined a map and everything was almost normal on my site but i saw my team messages and that other team messages where i failed joining. well i was done my map at the end but other team got stuck on their map at the end in bubble they cannot finish the map. what i think happen the game understood im in their group 4th player (not the bot what they had there whole game nobody else could not join there) so it was to me impossible to go their game and enter the bubble so they cannot finish it because 1 player is not in the bubble ‘‘and game did not count that bot to be 4th player’’.
so today i was the victim to this bug i was stuck on map with 2 other players and 1 bot someone failed to join that bot so our 4th player doing something else and probably reading our chat trying to write something to us but we cant see his writings etc

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. don’t know for sure … (try join quick play)
  2. fail the joining
    3.quit to the main menu
  3. come back in keep
    5.’‘you can’t join any game session’’ but you can create your own sessions

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

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