Weekly bugged

I play this game every weekend with the same three people. We only play together and we play the same number of maps and quick plays. They managed to finish the weekly last night but when I went to see my progress I was still six quick plays away from being done.

Why am I six quick plays behind everyone else if WE ONLY PLAY TOGETHER AND PLAY THE SAME NUMBER OF MAPS? None of us log in and do solo stuff. Why am I so far behind?

EDIT: Not only have I never crashed playing these quick plays, one of my friends did crash a couple times and still managed to finish ahead of me.

It’s hard to determine the true cause of this without seeing a full log history of all players involved. However we’ve not had reports of this from others, in particular regarding completed missions not counting towards the quickplay totals for the weekly quest. Are there possible cases where you have joined them after then map has begun via ‘friend join’?

hahaha, my mate did this and got so mad. We had already click quick play, and he joined in progress, even though we were in the keep waiting in the bubble. He didn’t get the QP.

Nope, we log into the same game together, at the same times basically and nobody starts the first map of the night until all four of us are in the same game and are ready to go.

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