Stuck on end of the map

Issue Summary:
got stuck on the end map with 2 other players and bot.
and i’m sure what causing it.
few days ago i failed joining quick play session so i quitting to the main menu and came back to the keep and still failed joining the quick plays . game understood i was already in quick play with other team where i failed to join earlier. i saw their messages on my chat when i was in my keep(they did not saw my messages),so i did my own game then where i got full group but still i saw that other team chat and my own group chat. end results was my game was normal i finish them , but that other team got stuck at the end of the map because they missing me in their bubble (i was their 4th player) and game did not count that bot as a player anymore. it was impossible to me go their game and enter the end bubble.

today i was the victim that bug with 2 other players and bot nobody cant join that bot because game thinking there is 4th player already but still doesn’t count that bot to be a player.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. fail joining game session
  2. quit to the main menu (fast)
    3.come back the keep (you see chat there some team speaking but they do not see your messages)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

sry to post this topic 2 times …but i tag this to PC but guess not then

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