Weekly Quest won't complete

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My last weekly was 8/10 QP matches. Upon returning home today I completed 3 matches and the progress is still 9/10. I am attaching the console logs here.console-2020-02-02-22.47.33-9424046d-b7f9-42bb-93fb-cb8c31a14e0e.log (229.8 KB) console-2020-02-02-21.56.48-e06b7ed0-6949-4037-92bb-20397f8b9769.log (1.4 MB) console-2020-02-02-21.29.14-bb2d7dfc-6406-474c-b070-9cc4ae39eccd.log (962.4 KB)

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Have you played Old Haunts twice by the chance? Because it’s not counted in the accomplished missions’ objective

No Old haunts as long as I remember.

This by chance?


yeah , I didn’t check if host had pre selected map but I joined through QP and I got neither progress to my weekly nor bonus to loot chest.

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