QP not working as it should

I’m not even sure this is a bug or a “feature”, but I hope it is a bug so it can be fixed.

When I join a game using the QP function and I join a custom game that still is in Taal’s Horn Keep waiting to start, I do not get the QP bonus reward and it will not count as completing a QP game regarding weekly/daily quests.

If I join a game using QP and the game is already in progress, then I will get the rewards.

I really don’t understand this. If I press the QP button then I should get the QP rewards - period.
I don’t see why I can’t get the reward, just because the game I join is a custom game and hasn’t started.

Often I end up having to leave and try again over and over, since I want the reward for other chest bonus and/or quest completion. This is basically a waste of my time and whoever is hosting. Everyone loses.

Tis a known bug, I believe.

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