Why are all open lobbies able to be joined by QP?

Just wasted 15 minutes of lobby trolls either sitting AFK in the lobby or hosting maps (so no QP bonus). As opposed to just sanctioning mods that let me just host QPs could you instead fix this? If a lobby is public but not QP QP players should not be able to join it, or it should exhaust every possible QP lobby before attempting so. Or a better solution: add an ‘ignore Taal’s Keep’ option in matchmaking so that you could actually earn this bonus every time.

You can host a normal game, wait for someone to join, then rehost QP. Doesn’t help if you want to start immediately with bots though…

Or you can use the mod I suggested that lets you host QPs. Either way I’m not sure why the game decided to put me into other player’s keeps every single time I used QP, and like 70% of those lobbies weren’t even doing QP. It’s an awful frustration to deal with for a loot premium/weekly. When it could so easily be made functioning.

I am pretty sure you’re still getting QP bonus if you join custom game through QP.


Can confirm. As long as you press the button for QP, you get the QP bonus. Even if you join a custom game.

On the other hand if you join a friend directly via steam, and they have already started a QP, that does not count as QP for you.


If you connect to a game in session and not the keep, I didn’t get QP bonuses for the first map for hanging out in a lobby helping them do some mission clears when I just gave up on trying to use this feature as intended. Works functionally on console somehow, as in you connect to an in session game as opposed to the keep 99% of the time on PC.

If you hit Quickplay and join in the keep while blue bubble is there and this game starts, you get the Quickplay Bonus.

If this game is closed and a new custom game is started, you won’t get the QP-bonus.

I had this happen a couple of weeks ago when I left after the first QP, because the host wanted to do a custom map. So I left since I wanted to to QPs for the weekly. I then hit Quickplay in my keep, spawned back in their keep with the custom map open, finished the map and got my QP bonus.

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